Sunday 30th October Radio Broadcast

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Eudoxia Jones said...

Will the people of the world finally wake up to them. Well Viz, seems to me that you can give them one hell of a push and they won't budge no matter what. It seems during my online absence you've been through one hell of a trip - me too!

I went to hell for a while. It gave me one hell of a punch in the face and reminded me of who I am not. It showed me that the material world is not for me. It showed me I was no longer a real part of it, while in the flesh most certainly but nothing else is. It chewed me up and spat me out. God slapped me down and sent me to purgatory for a while to think about things. So while I was in the purgatory convent I had demons coming at me from all sides. I felt like the Pistis Sophia.

By the way there was a spat of suicides in this town during my time in purgatory which was right between the vernal equinoxes - 3 suicides in total not bad given the size of this town which I doubt would be more than 500 or so. I was wondering if that horrible energy I had buzzing all around me, to the point I was doing regular cleansings of house and myself, if this demonic presence was perhaps trying to lure me down the same path as those who committed suicide because at one stage I felt like death would surely be better than living. Then a really good and wise arcane friend told me there was a very dark energy around. He said he'd seen it once. He also knew one of the guys who committed suicide and told me the last thing the guy said to him a few days before he did it was "get it out of me" The entire village has been prone to violence for the past few weeks also. On several occasions the police have been called in to unrelated incidences of domestic violence. There has also been a plague of brown snakes and paralysis ticks. Summer in Oz can't beat it!

Anyway I'm out the other end now and a lot wiser. I'm more composed and feel I need to continue on my path. During my move up to the ridge I found my Thoth deck and another book I even forgot I had. Samuel Aun Weor - The Initiate Path In The Arcane of Tarot and Kabbalah. Okay I get it now. Amen

I've been here a year now and the first 6 months were really great. I was meeting some fantastic people and then 2 psychopaths breezed into my life and turned it upside down as they do.

Visible said...

Eudoxia! You have passed through my mind several times lately. My friend and I were wondering what had happened to you. Now I see. Geez. It surely is rough going now and again. Where I am now is a sheltered enclave where such events should not be taking place, but they are and I have felt embattered more than once. It was the reason we were going cross country to find somewhere that would be less afflicted by invisible hate thugs. Overall it is manageable but still noticeable. My prayers are with you, now that I know you need them. Very glad to hear that you are on the better end of it at this time.

Eudoxia Jones said...

Hey Viz! I thought here was a sheltered enclave also, seems there a more demons here than angels. I actually feel they try and take people. My arcane friend told me this energy resides her but I've moved now so hopefully away from it. I think we are in those times when the invisible hate thugs are just out in force to destroy as many as possible. They don't have to destroy those already predisposed to evil, they take care of themselves. I've encountered the most vile, pure evil you could imagine here and she isn't invisible. But she's full of hate, malice and venom that dwarfs the death star shit Gollum. But ain't it grand to see her falling on her own sword! Mr Apocalypse sure knows how to do in style. This gal around here is doing the same thing, she's burnt too many people and she's about to get lynched if she keeps it up. I kept getting The Hanged Man, The Hermit and The Tower and all those nasty swords and cups - had that once before. Never wanted to see that combination again was very disheartning. However the way is clearing and I'm on the home straight - I don't want to get too cocky though.

As for you Viz, well my friend the FODS are never going to stop coming after you - you are just too close to the finish line. What I have found repeatedly through life is in order to ascend we must first descend. It was very refreshing to come back here though and you had just released The Way to the Kingdom and I took delight in listening to it last thing at night, unfortunately it chewed up all my bandwidth LOL I'm temporarily on pre-paid however, once I have my internet up and running properly I will partake at that time.

Good to be back amongst familiar faces.