Sunday 11th September Radio Broadcast

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Karen Norman said...

Dear Vis,

Spirit encouraged me to write down my thoughts on your broadcast and this is what resulted.

I don’t believe one can steal wisdom, or even comprehend it if it is handed to them on a silver platter, unless one has done the work, because wisdom must be earned, and the only way I know how to earn wisdom is to empty one’s vessel so there is room for wisdom. Spirit meets us half way between the physical and ethereal plane, the deal is we must at least be willing to meet God half way, because God is not pushy or a bully like the dark, so God honours and respects our right to make our own choice, which is why free will was gifted to each of us in the first place.

The true irony is that the best way to find something is to stop searching for it and let if find you. If you do the work God sneaks up on you like a ’thief in the night’, when you least expect it. It is a cosmic game of hide and seek that we each play with our Father/Mother/Friend. God is great. God I love God :o). The entire time I was seeking the Divine I was in his embrace the entire time. What a trickster.

Grace brings me closer to my Father because honouring God is simply the right thing to do. One who truly knows our Father can not do anything less, because to know God is to love God, and when you love someone you can’t help but sing their praises.

Searching for God causes agony and suffering because without God you are constantly stumbling in the dark tripping over stuff. If people could just sit still long enough to empty their vessel they would realise God has been eagerly waiting for us to clean house so he/she could move in. God is always watching lovingly over each one of us, but if our body/temple is too cluttered there is nowhere for God to reside.

My journey of discovering God has been far from hard work, but more along the line of a labour of love, which in truth has been more like a treasure hunt, with the Divine being the prize. God blessed me with such a passion that it has been more of an adventure than a task to undertake this journey.

My angels have not only seen me but they protect me. They work really hard, so I would just like to take this opportunity to thank them for everything they do for me and for the wonderful way they have guided me to bring me home. Their diligence, commitment and love to the Divine and me is highly commendable, and I can’t thank them enough for their choice to remain true to source, because they could have fallen like the others but they did not. You guys are so awesome, words are simply not enough to express the gratitude I feel towards you for everything you have done.

The dark has nothing to offer except a place to hide from the light, and as I am a child of the light stepping into the light is going home for me, which is why I feel so comfortable revealing all by laying my life bear, because there is nothing I need to hide from my Father/Mother/Friend.

The ONLY reason we are here is to undergo an alchemical journey to integrate spirit into flesh. It is through this process we harmonise our energy with the Divine’s. It is in this way the prodigal son/daughter returns to source. Matter is merely the means by which this journey to harmonise with Divine resonance is facilitated.

WHAT A RUSH!! As I have always said, if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room :o).


Luv Kazz

Visible said...

God Bless. That comment was not mine. Guru Bawa said that and I don't think he meant it literally. I think what he meant was by any means necessary. In other words, you must desire and aspire to it so that it is a greater drive than any other.

Anonymous said...

Another great radio show, and both me and my flat mate; the Illumisnotist enjoyed it.

(Love To Push Those Buttons, on the wrong browser.)

D_Man said...

Wow, Viz, really good show. Thank you!
Love, your friend,