Sunday July 3rd Radio Broadcast.

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Karen Norman said...

Dear Vis,

I have been trying to regain my footing because a couple of sets of huge waves knocked me off balance for a while. I believe it was a challenge that was provided to give greater clarity to ‘THE WAY'. The Avatar you speak of is still here with me in my heart and soul/spirit. The waves I speak of were a negative manifestation and their job was to consume me, but thanks to the presence of the Holy Spirit/Christ within, they did not prevail.

I am providing a link that reiterates everything you have talked about today and much of what I have spoken about in my contributions over the years here, because I found it a really good read so I thought I would share it:

We really are in amazing times Vis. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to know I am still on the path provided by my loving creator. I believe sometimes my lamp is let go out so I can see how difficult the path is to follow without one’s inner spiritual light for guidance, and I feel this occurs because my loving creator is reminding me to have compassion for those who walk in darkness so I do not judge my brothers and sisters, in this way I am reminded of the words of Jesus when he asked God to forgive those who know not what they do. The fact that I can see so much more clearly after nearly drowning in an ocean of dark confusion shows me just how much of a life saver Christ really is. I do not mean to detract from those who walk the same path under other guidance, because I know all paths that lead to the truth are paths that lead to our Divine creator. Christ clearly was a leader and not a ruler, and his leadership clearly is defined in his philosophy on how to live in accordance with universal/spiritual law.

I was reading the words of King Solomon in Ecclesiastes the other day and realised how truly blessed it is to walk with the Divine, because far from being meaningless life is a grand opportunity to evolve one’s soul and undertake an adventure, for those who are willing, that provides a grander insight into the Divine, creation, and one’s self. I simply cannot put into words the grandeur and splendour of what I see. It is as beautiful as it is complex and harsh in its construction. Man's system is set up to consume all who oppose it, which is why universal law forewarns us that that which you oppose you become. The answer to the dilemma therefore is to follow the wisdom of the Taoists and be like water and go around the rock!!!!

As per usual your thoughts are my thoughts brother, as if our minds are one, but I do not fear our Creator because although it is human to err it is Divine to forgive, for those who do not judge others, so although I am in awe of God my service is one of loving devotion, because I know fear lowers one’s energy/vibration and is therefore something to be overcome. Love, on the other hand, is something to strive for and acquire to the detriment of all else, as you mention, because at the end of the day love is all there ever really was, is, and forever will be.

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

BIG thanks, Visible!