Radio Show Double Bill

Two Visible Radio shows to enjoy:

22 May 2016:

.... and 12 June 2016


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Not what they're cracked up to be" just might be The eternal understatement. Top three, anyway.

WhispersOnTheWind said...

Holy Fuck! I was laughing from the groin to the throat when you were talking about the politically correct soft-brains! Utterly, utterly hilarious. I began to really look forward to your video. It's going to be an absolute riot when you're satisfied with it. As they say: "the only thing the Devil can't stand is mockery". The rest of the shows were really beautiful and poetical, even unusually so. Awesome that you can get even better as time goes by! (You must be doing something right... ;) *that's a [[big]] ironic wink*

I look at the force that you have dubbed Mr. Apocalypse, which is a force that is most definitely on stage, as the high-intensity channeled chaos and subsequent desperate curiosity of our times. The trouble with Him is that He exists in all minds, and thus, also in the broken and mashed minds of the broad masses, who cannot at all take part in His finer vibrations, and have not the courage to go of off the cliff and see if their wings can bear them (God will catch you if you have enough Faith). Thus, I certainly believe and think that Mr.A can be used by The Satanists as part of their big sexual-magic ritual, where they intend to channel all of the rage and frustration that people all over the world feel into a relieved acceptance of their solution, which very much looks like it involves something with Putin and the UN, and more further on.

I don't know, though, but it's the most logical way I can fit the pieces of the puzzle together in my mind.

Time will tell, and we shall see, as you are wont to say... It's a (very) good saying.

Outstanding work, Visible! Thanks for sharing :)

Visible said...

Thomas; thank you. Mr Apocalypse is influenced by no one but the ineffable/