Two for One Night at Little Caesar's Visible Radio Network

We're tossing in the last two shows that I was somewhat lethargic about posting. I seem to make a lot of mistakes getting these up. I will try again.

Here is the first broadcast.


Here is the 2nd.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Great shows, as always. I get the feeling 2018 is gonna be unrecogniseable compared to what life is like now. . .and this is a good thing. I mean, how much further down can we get before we hit absolute nadir?

True about the weather being weird. East Bay where I'm at, February was warmer than April. This is the coolest May I've ever experienced, and according to 'crackuweather', if the forecasts are right (wouldn't bet one nose hair on it), there will be no days in the 80s or higher in June or July. We shall see, if we're still around in this barf inducing realm. And if we're not, see ya on the Otherside.

You're not the only one with your theories, and I hope they prove to be more than theories; so nostrils up!

Visible said...

Nostrils up! and relax the ankles