May 15th Radio Broadcast

This past Sunday's Radio Broadcast is now available for download. It appears that the player is not working at the moment but that will be fixed shortly. It just isn't fixed now (grin).

So... in any case, here it is.



And a "fixed" version (after a fashion), below:


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Make it sound like being 'retired' from life and not having any vested interest in it is the4 way to go, huh? In the world, not of it; to the hilt? Just passing through. . .the cess pit.

Gods, why have I come back so many times to finally reach the conclusion I have now? That the desire to come here is naught but a bloody liability.

Oh well. Some of us are a little slow. On the other hand everyone gets it eventually. And ain't it funny how so many decided to come here to see the era go out?! As if we can't be happy just 'reading' about it in the Akashic Library. We have to experience it first hand.

What masochists we are. Yes, to come to the land of ling chi, scaphism, flicks like 'A Serbian Film', and Constipateables Of Perversion voluntarily. And that's the lighter note.

zoob said...

Thank you