18 August 2018

Les visible is in hospital right now; he's undergone some surgery.

HIS CONDITION IS SERIOUS; Will you please pray for him, write to him, or leave any messages of support on any blog post, that the worst of the hurting is now behind him.

Mail: lesvisible@gmail.com

He'd really like that.


Visible's condition remains serious.... pray, please pray for vis

Radio Broadcast for 1-25-16

Here is this past Sunday's transmission. We pray that it is worth the tune you take to hear it.




BCii said...

Dearest Visible, the file seems not to be there as it should. I'm sorry that I comment only now that something's wrong, when I normally just listen and appreciate without sending in a comment. Please forgive me. Love, William

BCii said...

Ah, it's working now. Thank you!

Visible said...

Thank you so much for the heads up!!!