Last Sunday's Radio Broadcast for 12-13-15

Here is last weeks broadcast which I forgot to upload cause I couldn't find it at first but that is now fixed.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Awesome post that coincided with a rare lucid dream I had last night. As I walk closer to the abyss in this world, I was reminded REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE REALLY WORKING FOR!!!!!!!! Included was a push to never compromise mine self. (I think that cost me three jobs I would not have been happy with, but i guess my gods need me still to be the insightful, though obnoxious political blogger I be. Even if I do keep telling people to go to '' for the disgusting pictures.

dave1010 said...

Thanks. You hang in there also Mr. Visible. Merry Christmas to you good sir.


zoe zoob said...

I'm sorry you lost your mother x