November 29th Radio Broadcast

Here is your latest radio transmission.
My love to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Karen Norman said...

I do not exactly know what God is, so I don't agree or disagree whether we can come into direct contact. I make no claim that I am capable of doing anything that others are not also capable of doing. Just as I gain knowledge from my outer world I gain knowledge from my inner world. I have no special powers, I am a middle aged housewife who looks after her mom, husband, family and friends. Nothing at all special about that :o).

I see everything as being One, so everything is of the Divine, meaning that which comes to me from my inner and outer worlds, therefore it is hard to discern whether this is direct contact or not. It appears to be as direct as the wind that blows the leaves from their resting place. All I know is that God is close and familiar for me. Having said that I absolutely make no claim whatsoever that I am capable of anything that others are not also capable of. I have spent much time trying to get to know that which many maintain does not exist, and have no way of comparing others relationship with the One to my own, so I don't bother, I just concentrate on my relationship with the Divine. I conclude that every relationship is unique, therefore each relationship with the Divine is also unique. Some people choose to believe they have no relationship at all with the Divine, but since our very breath is proof of the life generating energy abundant all around us, and yet completely out of view of our physical senses, it occurs to me that even when we do not believe we are interacting with the ALL we are unconsciously doing it. I just try to be more conscious about it than most :o). I imagine with the way the world is these days far from making my relationship with God special, it makes it odd. Such is life when you do not walk in the ways of this world.

Luv Kazz

Donn Ui'Midir said...

What about the Church of SubGenius's Third Nostril?

Lori said...

I'm not afraid of mr apocalypse

I was hit by it a while back
It changed me forever
And took my fear away
Through understanding.

I see the truth indirectly
In your open honest heart
I hear it in your lovely raspy voice
The sound of God.

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Loving you back!!

Karen Norman said...

After pondering more deeply on the subject of what God is I concluded that although it is impossible for me to conceive what God is in totality, I can say with confidence, until a more expanded view is possible, God is LOVE. I find the more forgiving, patient, tolerant, selfless, compassionate, understanding, and loving I can be, the easier it is to resonate with others, which reduces the likelihood of conflict. With this approach similarities are sought, rather than differences, which creates an atmosphere of cooperation, encouraging mutual respect and friendship. With such a platform anything can be accomplished. This makes much more sense to me than trying to use war to create peace.

Cheers Kazz