October 4th Radio Broadcast

Here is your latest transmission from the Sirius Cluster and your friends in Arcturus.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yes, I liked the show.

Just so ya know.

Look forward to the next one always. I'm sure Brian's gonna like it too after 'it' (being a fellow nose.) finally finds the time to listen to it.

Nostrils up, namaste, and may Vasuki lick your nose.

r said...

Hey vis. I am Krsna, and Christ so I am told... and I've been the fall guy so I am told for the karma for everyone who follows the religions that spring up in my footprints. I died for 2000 years last time after healing about 4000 people in Jerusalem, and I didn't know what Karma was or how it worked... I've lived 1003 lifetimes since Christ. And God choose me for the role of Avatar over and over again, and I end up dying over and over again as an abortion or a torture subject... until the next time the avatar appears. Now I give up. I'm not going to do that any more and I do not want anything to do with it. I begged the divine to tell me the truth about what is wrong with me and why I go through so much and he told me. If what I am told is true, which is that I burn the karma for everyone in war zones mostly and other places, and I go through their karma... and take peoples karma from their so called salvations... and eventually I just die over and over again for lifetimes until I come back and do it all over again. I'm not even writing this its coming from the divine, but I'm here and I'm no longer interested in this job. Im told God doesn't change it easily and someone else needs to take his place, OR GOD himself can. I don't know what to do anymore but I do know its not going to be bad, and its going to be lovely finally. Im told God can do it for everyone and he just takes the karma and burns it in the back of the mind where he doesn't have to experience it but he does watch it because he has to make it happen.I already did that for him last fall. I don't know what to tell you, its not a lie and im not fucking around here, and im no longer interested in this. I hate everything to do with it... except some of the aspects of it but I'm not interested in doing it if i am required to take everyones karma, and burn their bad karma. I don't want this any more. I want to be free from this shit. I hate it. But im doing better than ever and im learning a lot and im so happy that im finally beginning to be free from my past and all this karma god gave me making me heal people. we become one, half and half or so, and he works through me... sometimes he makes me feel like i am God and makes me talk like I am god. Kind of like you but its way different because you don't speak like that, and i take the karma from everyone for healings and other things. I just want you to know there is better ways and i don't want to go that route. There are many ways, and many of the followers have liberated themselves in other ways and I want to do the same if i can understand what that even means before that day. i want to be free.

hp said...

Kalli yuga, indeed. Every day.

Even Oppenheimer ad-libbed..
What to say of Jayadvaita Swami (the former Jay Israel)?

nothing up my sleeve