October 11, Radio Broadcast

Here is your belated radio broadcast from this past Sunday. Sorry... I've been in deep reflection zone.


Anonymous said...

The reason I ASKED whether Putin was the AntiChrist or not was because the elite have been following Revelations to the letter. The son of perdition has not yet appeared. Keeping in mind that the son of perdition is seen as the saviour to the world Putin would seem to fit this bill nicely. It certainly explains why the elite are backing down and why nothing has happened to him.

I note your dismissal of what was a question, as to whether Putin is the Antichrist, and also note your complete dismissal of this question, which runs directly contrary to your claim that you know nothing.

Neither of us know whether Putin is the Antichrist or not, which is why I raised the point as a question. As the elite controlled both sides in WWI and WWII your unwillingness to at least entertain the concept Putin is the Antichrist, especially when he fits the bill so well, is perplexing. Only time will tell.

Visible said...

That made no sense and I don't give a damn what the Jewish edited and perverted scripture says. I only care about what is written on my heart. That is also the most extreme and obvious form of disingenuousness that I have ever seen about my not knowing and that is why you asked a question of someone who doesn't know and who continued to not know on the occasion of your asking and got told that I can't not know if I don't know because that is a form of knowing. You believe what you want and I will too.

Anonymous said...

I suggest you read the following two articles at Henry Makow: 'Eloquent New Voice Sounds Alarm' and 'How They Control the World' (note Putin is using a Masonic handshake with Kissinger). Both articles support the stance that Putin is part of the elite's agenda.

You pay homage to Christ, and yet you dismiss Revelations which is the prophecy of Christ. How can you believe in Christ if you don't believe his words?

Visible said...

Sorry about that. I didn't mean to come across as harsh but it is my nature to be direct. Nothing I said was directed at you personally but only the statements which didn't make a whole lot of sense to me. I apologize if I came across a bit rough. It really depends on the time of day and my frame of mind and as much as I try to monitor myself so that I am more equanimitous I fail as often as not. It is a part of myself that I am unable to shake and sometimes I detect sophistry when perhaps there is none.

Visible said...

I read those articles at Makow's they are opinion pieces and as far as believing in Christ I will take the Christ in my heart over the Christ whose words are shaped by the Jews that sought to kill him. Listen... you might need scripture, that is your station of being. I do not need scripture. The source of everything that is true is alive in my heart at the wellspring that it originated from as is the case in every heart so disposed to it. I do not need lectures from you. See to your own affairs and do not attempt to strongarm me with fundie speak. Christ is a living force, not some words on paper that read differently for every translation made. Read this? Read that? Go read about The Scofield Bible. You have a certain pride that I cannot reason with or speak into tune with. You are convinced of what you know just as you are convinced at what others know. My efforts at appeasing you with humility and apology didn't even touch you. I should have known and I did but so it goes. Meanwhile, Jesus didn't say a damn thing about Putin and as much as I like Henry, he posts a lot of hard line doctrinal things that I have no time for. Why don't you just keep this in mind. It is not me you have to convince of anything and I am not here to agree with your position on anything just because you are so certain of it. I suggest you convince yourself and then you don't have to worry about convincing anyone else because the message will do it's unspoken thing by your example.

Visible said...

This is my take on Jesus Christ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loLRzl93PpY

Anonymous said...

'I do not need lectures from you.'

I was not aware bringing up points to challenge your statements was lecturing, I thought questioning was how greater truth was arrived at.

'See to your own affairs and do not attempt to strongarm me with fundie speak.'

If you wish your affairs and opinions to remain unchallenged why do you air them publicly? Why is it that questioning your view of Christ instantly designates me as a 'fundie' who is 'strong arming' you?' Why do you give me orders as if you have authority over me when all I have done is questioned your stance on Putin?

'My efforts at appeasing you with humility and apology didn't even touch you.'

How could your apology have appeased me when my response was sent before you made it?

You could be right about Putin, but you are wrong about my pride, that you 'cannot reason with or speak into tune with'. I am not the one who got all huffy just because someone challenged my position. I do not wish to talk anyone into anything, I am simply suggesting that all possibilities remain open, and Putin turning on humanity once he has destroyed America, along with the West, would seem to be on the cards considering it is the elite's agenda. Time shall tell my friend.

I humbly decline your apology because there is nothing to apologise for. Your willingness to apologise is appreciated, much more than the dressing down that followed it was :o).

Visible said...

No one was dressing you down. This is what I mean about the pride thing. You can challenge me all you want and you can certainly have a different vision and opinions than I. I am simply responding to what I encounter. I've no beef with you. I don't even know you. I do take exception to something that always troubles me and that could be a failing of mine. I'm also not in the best head space to be as understanding and recessed as I have tried to be in recent times but I like my spirit... Jesus Christ.. or whatever personification to be direct, not indirect through something written down in the most partial way from centuries ago as some sort of authority. I see all that as the clothes god 'used to wear' God still walks here as always but adjusts to the times. I have read an enormous amount of spiritual texts but I still don't know anything real according to words on paper. All I know is what I directly encounter. It is not my intention to come across the way I am doing or have been.. at any rate but I am in that snake skin shedding place and I can't see very well at the moment.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The cell phone junkies are gonna come down with cancer in a little while. I've read about and listened to quite a few videos on how bad EMF radiation is, and how da gubment is using it to wipe us via cell phones, smart meters (in addition to smart meters blowing up houses), and all kinds of other things you can't escape. People who have all this toxic communication equipment all over them on their jobs are gonna get whacked big time. In fact, they already are getting whacked. The EMF crap messes up your mind, and tends to make one a bit irritable. (I may post a link on that later. I have a work gig today, and have to leave in 15 minutes.)

As for what you're feeling, it may be the so called 'Wave X' thang. It allegedly peaks 10/20, and then off we go into the winds of change that will hopefully destroy the wrong side of history via people waking up and refusing to play.

Imagine what would happen the service personal of the elite all just quit. The drivers, the groundskeepers, the cooks, the drudges, and everything else? Imagine if one day everyone decided to fight back in the most effective way possible. . .by doing NOTHING!

No, that probably ain't gonna happen, but I see critical mass starving the beast. After all, monsatan and wal-fart are going down. Same with coke-a-cola So are a lot of other evil industries. We shall see.

And all I can say is I am rapidly approaching the peak of being fed up with the here and now to the point of not wanting anything to do with it. On the other hand, I am enjoying it all falling apart, even if it is happening too slow for my taste.

Well, we shall see what next week and next month do bring. If there is one, as you say. (We say that all the time now, too. You are a tad contagious. Then again, I repeat. We may have one brain betwixt the three of us, and I mean that in a good way.)

Visible said...

You are definitely right about cellphones and the same applies to wireless radiation zones for computers.