18 August 2018

Les visible is in hospital right now; he's undergone some surgery.

Will you please pray for him, write to him, or leave any messages of support on any blog post, that the worst of the hurting is now behind him.

Mail: lesvisible@gmail.com

He'd really like that.


Hoping that vis might be transferred from hospital into rehab later today...

Sunday September 20th Radio Broadcast

Here is your latest transmission from points within and points beyond.


Matthew said...

Visible how to thank you? Right when I know how badly I have made hash of everything, and when I can't see the master's hand in my world... you talk to us and I can feel it again. The things I can't do, like play piano... are ok right now. I feel grace, from the ineffable, through your words- again.

I must imagine that your Hawaiian friend so loved having the young Visible do his thing back in the day. Are you ever afraid to try and incarnate in the western pure land because certain other souls might not be there?

Visible said...

Such a thought would never occur to me, especially since one can visit and have visits there just like here.