August 2nd Radio Broadcast.

Here is this Sunday's radio broadcast.


Karen Norman said...

I am unable to access the radio show too Vis. It states there has been an error. When I tried to access your latest blog it showed an error as well.

I am wondering whether others are having these issues?

Cheers Kazz

James Arthur Jancik said...

All is well now. It was a typo in the file name on the server. Sorry. :-)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If my main source (Dr. Simon Atkins) is right, everything should seriously start falling apart within the next 3 months. There's tons of predictions there will be a complete financial collapse this September, and everyone all over the place is pushing this, so I wonder if it won't e deliberately engineered.

From a Physical perspective, things aren't looking too good for us; but I'm feeling optimistic. I'm running on a promise from a lucid 'dream' of one who only lied to me once, considering at the time I would NOT have been able to handle the truth. Unless it was a symbolic truth, for the year I was given of my so called 'transition' aka 'death' was the year my life took a drastic change from being the well paid keeper to the kept.

We shall see. The clincher of Atkins' credibility is a 9.0 by the Iran/Turkish border and roughly 6.9 in Northern Calipornia next month. If Calipornia doesn't burn to a crisp, first.

On the other hand, I would prefer to get squashed silly over going up in flames; but that's not my decision. ;O)

Karen Norman said...

Dear Vis,

I wish I could be there to give you some loving support and kindness during your trials. I believe the reason we are tormented and pressed upon because of the depth of the ineffable's love for us is because some of us are being reshaped for higher purposes. It occurred to me that those among us who are suffering the most are those that are closest to the Divine. Perhaps God in his/her mercy knows that some of us can take more than other's so the Divine is more challenging to those souls. leaving the rest of us to simmer until we are ready.

As I have said before Vis, you will probably get to where we are going way ahead of the crowd, hopefully I will eventually arrive. Since the Divine knows our hearts and souls only the Divine can know the measure of the man and woman, and the level we can endure without snapping.

Your words are truly touching, because the depth of your trials is evident, yet still you hold to your faith in the Divine and continue to soldier on. Your staying power is like a beacon of light to those souls undergoing harsh conditions. It occurs to me that the Divine is using your strength and tenacity to tend his flock.

Although I am cruising in a comfortable holding pattern currently I can see conditions emerging that are not beneficial to a safe comfy flight or landing. If things go haywire and my plane starts to go down, it is your strength and purpose that will resonate most assuredly as I try to keep myself from crash landing.

As you were speaking of your trials today my mind wandered to John the Baptist and how he had only a sack cloth to clothe him, whilst he wandered in the wilderness eating locusts and wild honey. Moses had to wander in the wilderness as well. It seems to be a constant for God's people. Your trials have you in the best of company. Your dignity and strength under such adversity is a yardstick to live up to. Your recognition of all the souls who are currently suffering unimaginable tortures, much worse than your self, is an indicator that you truly are on the right path, because even in your sufferings you hold a thought for others.

The most awesome part is how you do this as an ordinary man, because you know the depth and breadth of love that God poured into his/her creation.

Thank you for being brave enough to reveal your trials so that others are given the hope that they too may find the strength to endure. Much love brother.

Mick Hoss said...

Oh Les - blessings and deep well wishes to you - it seemed evident you were suffering some new malady, but I wasn't sure until this broadcast. Waves of love, and sweet music:

BCii said...

LTPTB, I've now taken in Simon Atkins' in5d interview and his own hour-long video. I don't get a clear, fresh energy from the guy. There's a lot of heat and haze. Wild and imprecise. He seems overeager to convince, and yet offers little to substantiate his claims. That said, I don't find it hard to entertain the notion that something like what he's talking about could really be manifesting. What exactly it is, whether it's a natural thing in our best interest is another question. Lily Earthling is a person I just found who purports to expose a lot of astral manipulation going on, designed to keep us humans in our Matrix prison through into a new round of the time loop where "they" (off-planet A.I. and assimilated races and beings) now aim to install a new and better version of the energy farming / soul trap system. Tying into this, I see David Wilcock promoting a version of Ascension that rings false to me. It's a program of enticement / entrainment to an alien agenda that's not organic, that doesn't support grounded wholeness and individual sovereignty. Very much hopium / wishful thinking / subtle fear game. Which isn't to say it's all a hoax, but that there's more to it intent-wise than is let on.

Once you see it, it's so obvious. Pushing, pushing, pushing to get us into ready-made mental and energetic corrals. There's a frenzied quality to it, like a predator or parasite so close to achieving its goal, yet feeling the noose tighten as the window for success passes without the needed steps playing out as planned.

How many catastrophes have we averted here? Countless dire predictions, some quite reasonable and credible, have failed to come true since 2012. Maybe there is an element in play that the oh-so-clever overlords have not taken into account. Visible talked about Lady Nature getting her powers back. This parallels what others, including John Lash and Lily Earthling, have related. I believe the Earth herself and human beings aligned with inner truth are proving to be a force that "they" cannot hope to match.

The false-light Matrix construct is built on abstraction. It requires organic energy input from human beings to sustain itself. To get this, it invades our being through the nervous system, installing program upon program in our minds. The external Savior meme is one such program - classic problem-reaction-solution. Disempowering, keeping us just where the 'farmer' wants us.

I don't have an inside track on these things myself. I can't say anything with certainty. My own inner wisdom says that reality, for all its apparent solidity, is co-created by us, literally a dream of One seen through its imaginary fragments. I see dualistic archetypes playing out, leading me on from nowhere to nowhere, ever presenting the eternal choice to either let go in love or to hold on in fear. The deeper question is, who is it that dreams? And who are all these dream characters really? The answer cannot be spoken, only experienced...

BCii said...

Dog Poet Visible, you are truly an example to follow. Even with far lesser stressors than what you have, I am regularly off balance and succumb to negativity. You must have put in a lot of work to be as equanimous in the face of inexplicable adversity as you are. Please keep the faith and don't give up. Your example is an inspiration to many. Much Love.

Visible said...

Something's off about Wilcox

North Cascadian said...

Les, Hang in there! Regarding your health challenges in land of no health care, I highly recommend It is an excellent folk medicine/ayurvedic resource that has bailed me out more than once. As regards the rest. I would love to see your incredible power of observation trained on the place you are now. Hawaii is a very special place and you have somehow managed to get there. This represents a high card in your hand, use it to your and our advantage! Everyplace represents a microcosm of the whole in some dna like way use your unique location to clarify parts of reality that the rest have trouble seeing... Love your work, all the best.

Anonymous said...


Welcome to my world. Some bright spots but.... It is helpful that I lived in a treehouse for seven years. Make do and think small.... Growth requires experience. Does anyone know if Japanese cars are radiocative? I had heard they were awhile back.

I thought HI had a great healthcare system that Harry Bridges started back when he organized the unions there. Maybe that did not include dental. Or maybe the monsters ripped it off.