June 28th Radio Broadcast

Our most recent radio offering


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Namaste, and may Vasuki lick your nose.

Thomas said...

Oh what a pleasure it is to listen to this, Visible. It soothes my ears and makes my heart lighter. Thank you.

I think Paul might have said "dividing", in the sense that one must use ones God-given personal discrimination and judgment, separating what is healthy from what is unhealthy, first in the mind, and then applying it in life. In this sense, it would mean the same that you wrote recently about self-control, to my mind. Also, in some cases, letting others know about their own ways, if they are likely to be susceptible.

But... I don't know either, and I don't want to know, as "knowing" is far too fragile, hehe. God is real, and is, as you say, our own real self, and although I don't presume to know That Divine Beloved Holiness fully, that's ALL I need to know. It is Almigthy, Omniscient and It loves us. What more do we need? ;D

Be well.

Anonymous said...

Cannot listen radio show! Whwere and how can I? Thanks

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

A rare treat..

The passing of Kurma Rupa dasa