5 April 2015

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Anonymous said...

Fine show, Visible. I would like to add this from The Yoga of Meditation in the Gita:

Arjuna: Suppose a man has faith but does not struggle hard enough? His mind wanders away from the practice of yoga and he fails to reach perfection. What will become of him then?...He has missed both lives, the worldly and the spiritual.

Sri Krishna: No, my son. That man is not lost, either in this world or the next. No one who seeks Brahman ever comes to an evil end. Even if a man falls away from the practice of yoga, he will still win the heaven of the doers of good deeds, and dwell there many long years. After that, he will be reborn into the home of pure and prosperous parents. He may even be born into a family of illumined yogis.

Many thanks for soldiering on and teaching. Always a tonic and highlight of these weeks. Be well.

Ali's Mom said...

Thank you. I really love your music Visible.