18 August 2018

Les visible is in hospital right now; he's undergone some surgery.

HIS CONDITION IS SERIOUS; Will you please pray for him, write to him, or leave any messages of support on any blog post, that the worst of the hurting is now behind him.

Mail: lesvisible@gmail.com

He'd really like that.


Visible's condition remains serious.... pray, please pray for vis

1 March 2015

(right click / ctrl-click the "Listen" link for download options)



Antony said...

The sound was ok, better than last weeks. You are so right about the journey being difficult, congratulations for keeping going and sharing what you know.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Totally. We think and talk about this all the time. We have a joke on having one brain between us (since we say the same thing at the same time, or if one of us says it the other was thinking it), and we're beginning to wonder if that same brain is shared by you. You so resonate with us. Why bother listening or reading what you have to say, since we already know it.

Ayuh!!!!! We like to be verifried! Not to mention we love your sense of humour. We've made you a honourary nosehair. . .as opposed to nose hair.

zepheri said...

Thanks for the good advice on keeping guard of our thoughts. Nobody can do this for us so we must keep ourselves from swirling down into negative territory. The local barber confirms that negativity is on the rise, unless people just love complaining. Could be that eliminating discomforts is first and foremost human nature.

Anonymous said...

Vis please do drink some kefir it will heal your vocal chords and clear your lungs from pollution! I know it helped me heal mines! Easy to make, just need kefir grains and milk, a mason jar and a fridge...I am sure you heard of it!

Visible said...

Yes... and thank you. The reason this is happening is because I have to talk LOUD to record the way I am presently forced to. This will change with the next broadcast.