8 February 2015

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New from Visible(?)

The Lost Plays of Shakespeare;
Soliloquy Extracts

A Modern, or a Medieval Mystery;
are these truly Shakespeare's Lost Plays...?

'The Lost Plays of Shakespeare'
...is now available to buy at Amazon.
This is wonderful read, but it is a slim volume -
and image is for illustration only
(you can click here for more information)

Kindle Edition: $6.99
'The Lost Plays of Shakespeare'

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Mick Hoss said...

Thanks so much Les - it's a comfort to seek this page and see a new Radio post. They are to me today what perhaps Lawrence Welk was on Sunday nights so long ago. And I bet I speak for many who love and look forward to your weekly broadcasts, even if you don't hear from them. Deep breaths and truth prevail; M -- listen to this great hour of music - balm for the soul: https://www.hos.com/ (find the play button for tonight's episode, great for winter drifting).

Anonymous said...

Very nice broadcast, Visible. You sound so much more relaxed and content now.

I'm glad you like your new digs and don't mind the frogs. What I would like to know is...might there eventually be a new canine companion in your new life?

Wishing you peace...

Mr. Mcgranor said...

That's a big 10-4!

jennifer scott said...

good to hear that saucer pod up and running again! You sound great- enjoy your sunny warm days and noisy nights. The sounds of the spring chorus frogs are a wonderful reminder that the weather is warming up here and spring is around the corner. I love those happy critter noises- take care! -jen

hp said...

via Homer..

Vibrations from the spiritual plane enters the ear to reach the heart.

As each night Morpheus, smiling nicely, opens the gate and bows down.

Vande Ham Sri Guroh

Thomas said...

Hi Vis. It warmed my heart to hear you speaking about your new place(s). Thank you for ANOTHER radio show (my God, your work ethic is something to behold). My personal opinion is that you definitely deserve a soothing, (as far as possibly) care-free environment, after your long and ardous struggles. May it continue like that for you, and may the Light of the Divine blossom and flower in your inner.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. Great to hear you again from dat Saucer Pod. Glad to hear that you're settling.