22 February 2015

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Karen Norman said...


I thought you would enjoy this link. It is a real crack up. This is how average Aussies treat extremists in our country :o). This is why I love ridgy didge Aussies.


Cheers Kazz

jennifer scott said...

oh yes- the part about the ineffable not letting us know the future... hit home for me. Love these radio shows Vis- Alooooo!-=jen

Anonymous said...

Always a tonic, Visible. Repetition is the key to mastery according to someone. In this dark and crazy days, your wise words are nectar for the malnourished. Much love to you.

Thomas said...

Real nice, Visible. I like it that you speak slower than usual, adding emphasis, and sounding a little like chanting. And please don't take this as an insult, but it seems also that speaking a little slower allows you to think just a little more about what you say, which is good, as it ups the quality of the message. I have always liked your radio shows, though. But, as you mention too, quality over quantity. So, I guess subject and presentation fit together here. This is only meant as constructive criticism. I am not fit to judge you, nor do I want to.

Thanks :)