18 August 2018

Les visible is in hospital right now; he's undergone some surgery.

HIS CONDITION IS SERIOUS; Will you please pray for him, write to him, or leave any messages of support on any blog post, that the worst of the hurting is now behind him.

Mail: lesvisible@gmail.com

He'd really like that.


Visible's condition remains serious.... pray, please pray for vis

December 14th- 2014 Radio Broadcast

Here is the most recent radio broadcast, dated in the headline above.


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rabbi scion said...

life is not meant to be enjoyed ... it is meant to be tolerated

Visible said...

We are not meant to be ignorant. We are meant to be illuminated. That's not what the results say.

flyingcossack said...

merry christmas visibles and invisibles

i wouldn't take rabbi too seriously, i am just a bad comedian

Visible said...

I was being (trying to be) amusing (grin).

Karen Norman said...

Dear Vis,

Who can be against you if you are with God?

I think it is exciting that you are moving to new horizons. Stepping out of one's comfort zone brings lots of new people and experiences into your realm, and as I have said before if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room.

As my children are all grown and nearly all out in the world it will not be too far in the distant future and I will have my hands free to take on new experiences too. I look forward to serving the Divine in whatever capacity the Divine sees fit. Hubby and I would love to take off on our bike and ride around the globe. See where the Divine takes us. Perhaps we may even be able to offer assistance at different locations. Hubby's work refers to him as 'the Professor' because he can fix anything and make anything from bits and pieces. I simply enjoy talking to people and spending time with them.

I have to be honest, although life can be tedious and very trying, I would have to report that life is a most excellent journey. I have known many tears in my time but also much laughter, and for this I am grateful. Many people seal their selves off by wrapping their selves in cotton wool, but I don't mind it being rough and tumble, at least you know you are alive.

I am sure your new location will be optimum Vis, because you will make it that way :o). Perhaps we might take a ride around the islands in Hawaii one day. I went to the main island in Hawaii many years ago, it was very beautiful. I would love to visit the other islands too one day and hopefully if you are still there we will look you up. You will most probably be in transit when I write this, and I have already wished you a Merry Xmas, but oh what the heck, have a wonderful Xmas Vis. You did it tough this year with the broken hip, the bad landlord, and don't forget your trip to India. You are due for a break. Hopefully it won't be another bone he he he.

Thank you Vis for the time and effort you put into your work. One of the things I enjoy is having my cup of tea in the morning while I read your site. I love the fact that you have acted like a magnet to bring so many special, enlightened people together. This is a real talent, especially in a time when most folks just want the bread and circus. I love the fact that you are so real, warts and all. I love the fact that your knowledge is endless because I love to learn new things, which is why I keep coming back :o).

Anyway Vis, I just wanted to say a big heartfelt thanks because I appreciate how you poor your heart, mind and soul out to other's. You are a real prize. Keep on keeping on.

Luv Kazz

Mr. Mcgranor said...

Mr. Visible it has been a month and a half; what gives? Lately i have been listening to your songs that you have freely posted after various weblogs.