2 November 2014

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New from Visible(?)

The Lost Plays of Shakespeare;
Soliloquy Extracts

A Modern, or a Medieval Mystery;
are these truly Shakespeare's Lost Plays...?

'The Lost Plays of Shakespeare'
...is now available to buy at Amazon.
This is wonderful read, but it is a slim volume -
and image is for illustration only
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Kindle Edition: $6.99
'The Lost Plays of Shakespeare'

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Eudoxia Jones said...

Man you just described my ex partner Viz - your guy much like mine except mine wasn't a sociopath he was a full blown narcissist and not unlike your experiences you don't have to do anything or say anything to set them off, they just blow a fuse and the next minute you are in their line of fire. They invent it all and the next minute you are blamed for all their woes - my ex reminded me of that scene in Cloud Atlas where Zachary's demon was busing giving him all sorts of bad advice. Yes they too have their invisible friends -grin-

Karen Norman said...

I have experienced the phenomena you note too VIs. Right down to the personal attacks. It is an energy thing. They don't even know why they are doing what they are doing. Some people's behaviour simply makes them wonderful conduits for lower energy receptacles, which is why we were warned away from the 7 deadly sins. Believe it or not being the way I am works really well for identifying such people early, which moves them quickly from my realm and limits the damage they can reek. One has to be extremely discerning when they have children to limit the effect such people can have on them.

I am sad that you had to suffer such a person when going through so much Vis. The Divine strengthens those whom he uses, so if your struggles are indicative of your usefulness you must be quite valuable to the Divine by now :o).

I hope your hip does not cause you much pain still. It can take a while for such things to completely heal. At least in Hawaii you will have a lovely climate, if that ends up being your destination.

Cheers Kazz