4 May 2014

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely one of the BEST radio shows you've ever done!

And then at the end you say, "Build your Faith BEFORE you need it." That was huge! Thanks man. :) According to Holmes, just see your new home totally finished exactly the way you want it. Supposedly, the best time to do this is as you fall asleep and for 15 minutes just as you wake up. Sky's the limit Vis, so go for it!!! You're allowed because the Law is here for everyone equally.

You need encouragement? Check this out. I've been going all out on this Ernest Holmes stuff for a month now. Money was tight so I made the change in the thinking that caused the lack. Saturday, my wife and I went up north from where we live. We had planned to go out to dinner up that way, too. Then she gets a call from work and we have to drive all the way back so she can go to her job and fix the problem. No worries, I'm along for the ride anyway.

After she finishes, it's dinner time so we went to a local place (again, not the one we planned originally). Funny thing was, we were there last week and we never go to same place 2 weeks in a row. I wanted to sit at the bar, not a table like we usually do, so as not screw a server as we wanted to watch the Kentucky Derby which was an hour plus away (Don't wanna be a table hog).

So we eat at the bar, then one of the bartenders asks us if we want to be in the Kentucky Derby pool. (This was only available to folks at the bar... you know, the bar we never sit at...). There was only one piece of paper left in the $10 bowl so what else could I pick. The name on the paper was California Chrome.

Of course, I thanked the Ineffable for that easy $200. :)

So, when it comes to your huge task of making your new home, remember: You got this. And probably more invisible help than you could ever imagine.

Thanks for a great show!


Visible said...

heh heh, I do believe I am the one who turned you on to Holmes. I certainly talk him up around here regular. Yes... but nonetheless, thank you a ton for the encouragement. I am doing these things. Were I not I could not remain.

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,

25 years ago my husband and I designed our house and started to build it, ourselves. 25 years later we sit back and look at the mammoth accomplishment. If we had of known what we were getting ourselves in for we may never have ventured forward, but as you say when you put one foot in front of the other and keep plodding along one day you look upon what your life's energy has created and say what we have created is good. We have created a haven on earth for our loves ones to retire to when the world becomes too much. Our house is more than a house now it is our home, a home that rings out with the laughter of our children and a home that radiates the love we all feel for each other. We are Man and Woman under God's covenant, not corporate fictions under Man's Babylonian Civil/Amiralty Law. Jesus has freed us, the living Man and Woman, from the slavery of the Satanic bankers. As you say Vis it is all over for these psychopathic parasites. I give thanks and praise to the divine presence that serves all of humanity with love, compassion, and forgiveness. I am getting exactly the same downloads as you Vis. God bless you brother and I look forward to meeting you one day, it is high on my list of things to do. God Bless you and all your wonder consciously evolved readers. For those others that read this site please understand that you are under the illusion of Satanists, just look at what they are doing!!

This post is from Kazz Vis but I can't find my password for google, so although I am using anonymous I am not lol.

Karen Norman said...

PS Vis,

Although Putin is playing good cop at the moment he is under the Satanic International Monetary Fund and is in their pocket like all the other puppet governments. This is why when the banksters removed 40% of the wealth from the people in Cypress (who had over $100,000) Putin and his mafia mates got their investments out first (Russian elite keep their money in Cypress to avoid tax). Face it Viz anyone who has any degree of power in the current geopolitical system is completely blinded by materialism and in lust with the material world. The perceived friction between the super powers currently is nothing but theatrics, it always has been, which is why Shakespeare said, ‘All the world’s a stage.’

Sallust, the Roman historian, believed that as a person became more corrupted they became more spiritually blinded to the truth. This is why the ability to see truth is directly related to the purity of one’s heart. This is also why Jesus was a carpenter and not a state official ;o).

This equates to worshipping the creation (money/mammon) instead of the creator. They have been drawn in by the lure of the five senses to the point that they have forgotten their eternal essence of spirit. It is my understanding that the material world is here for that very reason. This is how the Divine sorts the wheat from the chaff :o). This third dimensional realm also provides the darkness necessary for the light to realize itself. At least that is the conclusion that I have personally drawn.

Hugs and kisses to you Vis from my family and me. You are in our thoughts and prayers at the moment because you are under a greater challenge than usual. You will prevail as usual, but my family and I thought a little extra positive energy wouldn’t go astray.

Finally remembered google password is same as email lol. Is it possible to be illuminated and totally technically challenged at the same time lol? Have a lovely day.

God Bless You

Visible said...

You're welcome to think as you like and to presume to know what I think but I don't know what's what and I wouldn't be comfortable with a few cherry picked associations. There's far more going on behind the scenes than I am aware of.

Visible said...

Please don't come around here. This isn't a mental institution.

Karen Norman said...

Gee Vis that is harsh. Hugs and kisses any way. I really didn't expect that kind of a reply. It wasn't my intention to upset you I was just being open and sharing. I don't doubt that there is a bit of crazy here, we have all had our share of obstacles and hurdles, which is kind of the point of the Kali Yuga. Actually Vis I reread over my post and there is no presumption on my part as to what you think, I was simply providing a few observations. I agree that there is much going on behind the scenes but at the end of the day there are only a handful of people who are profiting from it. There is no shortage of conclusions being drawn as to the current problems and solutions needed to face the illusions before us, mine was just one more perspective. No one really knows what is going on so really at the end of the day everything is just one big presumption. Cheers Vis and good luck with the renovations.

Visible said...

I was being nothing more than direct. There was zero emotion attached. Take the two comments, put them side by side, pretend you didn't write the one and you don't know who wrote the other. Ponder the give and take as if you were coming to an empirical conclusion.

Karen Norman said...

Hi Vis,

I took your advice and the only thing I have come up with is that having a home and a family are material attachments and therefore make one a materialist, but since everyone needs to sustain their earthly body with food and shelter, and since God provides protection for that which man earns from his own toil, under the 10 commandments, it is a logical conclusion to me that while God does not want us to spend our time and energy working to store up treasures, which my husband and I have not, we must all have a place to live. The majority of all my spare time, when I am not meeting the needs of my family, is in the pursuit of truth.

As for the second post, although I believe we should express love, compassion, and forgiveness towards our fellow Man/Woman, that does not mean we should ignore them breaking God's Law/Common Law. Jesus shows us this when he whips the MONEY LENDERS (modern day international monetary fund/commercial law) for turning his father's house (High Court) into a marketplace (Magistrate Court), so when these world leaders enslave their people by tying them into Trusts (via birth registration), so the trust can be used to enslave and steal from that individual, rather than serve them as the beneficiary, as the Trust was intended, this is a breach of trust and fraud, so even if Putin is doing a couple of things that are commendable it doesn't justify his unlawful and traitorous behaviour of his people, and that applies to all the world elite who are currently under the International Monetary Fund, which holds all those fraudulent trusts.


Having said all that Vis I am not quite sure what your observation is, perhaps you might need to elaborate. After all Vis, if you are correct and I am mentally insane, then would it not be kinder to show compassion?

Cheers Kazz

Visible said...

Let's leave it at this. I will believe as I like about Putin and you may do the same. This will spare you the need to launch off at me about something you've convinced yourself about and then I must agree. I don't. I recognize the limitations any politicians has to deal with at any given time. For the moment, Putin is the only reason that some level of peace exists in several locations.

Karen Norman said...

When you put it like that I totally agree Vis, but then again I always do with just about everything you write. I agree that none of us have any way of knowing the state of heart of other people, or where they are at and what they are trying to do. I realize that everyone has inherited this incredibly sick Satanic system that we are living under and the majority of us, who are not taking advantage of the landscape, are trying to do our best to sort the situation and keep our heads above the shit. In the last few days as I have been corresponding to you the Divine has been resonating in my mind and very clearly telling me that it is not our job to judge, it is the Divine's. I do hope you are right Vis, humanity needs all th help they can get at the moment, and I do agree that Putin makes the rest of them look very limp wristed :o). Russia did suffer badly through the Bolshevik revolution and no doubt that memory still lingers. If he is on the side of the Divine than my prayers are with him. I guess it is hard to look are what the global satanic elite have done throughout history and not get a little untrusting of those in power. I live in Australia and it is a right mess down here. Our people are under attack on every flank. Although I try I am not as gifted when it comes to the art of communication as you are Vis. Perhaps this is why, although I agree with all your writings, when I try to communicate that it somehow gets lost in the translation. Here's hoping Putin is really trying to take out these vermin who have been torturing humanity and living off their life's energy for thousands of years, after all it is the apocolypse.

God Bless you Vis and thanks for your kindness, and as always, your words of wisdom.


Visible said...

Karen; neither you nor I are loaded down with tact. We are both extremely frank. This sort of thing is to be expected.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Visible. Bless you and many thanks.