27 April 2014

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Actually, what you're doing with your new place sounds kind of fun. Work of art in progress. I also know what you're talking about in relationships. Me and my twin flame have a celibate relationship now. We're best friends and comrades in arms. We work together for common causes, and have never had a fight in our lives, going on 20 years. May things go smoothly for you.

hp said...

Mother Earth and Her daughter..

"Sitadevi, Who is our Kore-Basilea Minthe Queen of Paradise, is being held captive and abused by the Ravana-like greed and selfish cruelty of Her Plunderers."

Demeter (Da-Mata) Mother Earth & Her Kidnapped Daughter Sita/Proserpina

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Wow prabhu! You get the 13th labor and I get to go stalk wild asparagus, fiddleheads and leeks. Sometimes I wonder why the Lord is so good to me. Honest, I do..

Sure would like to serve you some fresh cream of asparagus soup. Rice, leeks, herbs and black pepper. Grilled fiddleheads on the side.
Especially good in cold damp Springtime.

Energetic yes and enjoy the woods air and water and sounds.
Also big medicine..

Thank You!

zepheri said...

Missed your shows a lot, they really add some thing to the nature that is around me. My garden is going to be one large lettuce bed with some trellising for a backset of hops. Hoping for a big green wave come August. Should be so much easier with having access to a hose this year.