9 February 2014

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Visible's new book,
The Curious Tale of Ash and The Whine

- 'A Novel of the Unnatural and Supernatural...'

Visible's 'The Curious Tale of Ash and The Whine'
...is now available to buy at Amazon.

Paperback: $27.00
Buy Visible's 'The Curious Tale of Ash and The Whine' from Amazon
Kindle Edition: $9.99
Buy Visible's 'The Curious Tale of Ash and The Whine', Kindle Edition from Amazon

More of Visible's books and songs are available through his Store.


dave1010 said...

Good stuff like always Mr. Visible. Man do I like the new Mr. A song.


Anonymous said...

Don't often comment, Vis, but look forward to your words of wisdom, and the radio programs particularly. Big thanks and be well.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

DAYAM, I LOVE THAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mr. Apoclypse.)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I am the only one I know who is aware of everything you said, and is STILL a complete bastard! Oh well. Works for me!

Anonymous said...

Holy Sh*t, Les ! ! !
You're not a musician ! ! !
You're a friggin' Creative Genius ! ! !
Great song - can't wait for the Album

Visible said...

Wow, thank you! that is heartening to hear. I don't get much musical feedback and that's worrisome. I really appreciate that.

Visible said...

How odd, I didn't see those other two comments the first time around. The ineffable plays a lot of funny tricks on me.

hp said...

The Appearance of Sri Nityananda Prabhu - (February 12)

"Lord Nityananda freely offered this exhalted prema, which is difficult for Lord Brahma to attain, even to the fallen and wretched souls who did not desire it."
(Nitai Guna Mani)

Nityananda Prabhu ki jai!

jaya sri-krishna-chaitanya
prabhu nityananda
sri-adwaita gadadhara

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