26 January 2014

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dave1010 said...

Nice Mr. Visible. I still think you should read all of your blogs.


Ginnie said...

I have told you before...you are at your best when you are off the cuff! I feel like I was in your living room listening to you. It was great! Like the friend you have become to all of us!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I key in 'Dog Poet' every morning. If the readers who came to you from WRH can't do that, maybe they're not worth your time since they have the intelligence of a vacuum if they can't figure that out?

Visible said...

That's what I figure too. thank you.

Anonymous said...

Very nice sentiment.


Anonymous said...

Bhishma Instructs Yudhisthira Maharaja

Maharaja Yudhisthira next asked, "Grandsire, what is the supreme religious principle?"

Bhishma replied, "Just as an elephant's hoof print encompasses the hoof prints of all other animals, the principle of nonviolence encompasses all other religious principles. The complete abstention from meat eating is one of the pillars of nonviolence. Therefore, I will now describe to you the greatly sinful nature of eating animal flesh."

"Even when a person eats the meat from an animal that has been offered in sacrifice, he must accept some sinful reaction. Considering this, it is not astonishing that one who eats unsanctified meat has to suffer in hell. On the other hand, when a former meat eater gives up the abominable practice, he acquires very great merit. And, if such a person preaches to others that they should also give up meat eating, even if he is sinful in other areas, he will be saved from having to enter the hellish planets after death."