19 January 2014

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Bob Morrison said...

another great broadcast Les
and thanks for a link you have often put up on the blogs.....
awareness watching awareness
I have an interesting story about this material and what happened to me before I could finish the first paragraph.


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Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

The tongue has finally 'loosened', driven by a lovely Heart-timbre. Indeed, many have come in service, mostly in-Visible, 'ordinary folks', phrenology is one clue.

Too bad about the Pats, maybe the 'niners?

Be well, be Alert, Love

Bob Morrison said...

The Most Direct Means to Eternal Bliss
Strange happenings upon initial reading of TMDMTEB ~ The Most Direct Means to Eternal Bliss.
I downloaded the PDF and decided to start reading knowing I would not get far and throw out this eBook I printed.
Up until I heard Les on the video he posted when In London I would have never considered even looking at subject material like this.
The statement Les made was not to confuse God with Religion as these are not one and the same. This probably is not the exact quote Les made but this is the gist of it. He mentioned that Religion was the business end.
I listened to that video twice to make sure what I was hearing.
Once upon a time in what seems like another lifetime I was part of a Christian sect of organized religion. Which particular branch of is not important. I spent years in this religion and was never comfortable with the fact that “I was now one of them, they are my family”. Your parents, brothers and sisters are no longer your family and until they become one of us they are not your family and you can have no association with them.
Well…that bothered me greatly. I lived with it for some time and simply left, telling no one, saying nothing. For some years it bothered my conscious that I had left this church but I did get over it.
I believed in God, I believed in a Creator but organized religion turned me off. I wanted a closer relationship with God but I’ll be damn if I will ever step through the doors of another religious institution.
These events are going back to the 70’s and possibly very early 80’s, just don’t recall.
My son is still in this lying religious organization and has been for a long time. Needless to say he will not ever contact me in any way shape or form. I am an outcast and until I sincerely repent and come back to the flock I don’t exist.
Enough of the brief history…
So for years I have searched, and searched and searched. One day I found a link to a YouTube video by someone called Snordster. I don’t recall which website I found the link but the title made me curious.
The title was “Jesus Jerky on a gone dead American Train”
I listed to that twice and told myself I had to locate the text so I can follow along making sure I’m not missing something. The video fascinated me, I liked it, and I liked it very much. Who wrote this material I asked myself?
I found the link and opened Smoking Mirrors for the first time. I started reading as many posts as I could, especially ones with videos done by Patrick. I was hooked. I figured I would read this site for a while and drop it like so many more over the years I had found and promptly dropped once I realized this is not what I was looking for.
I have to admit I had heard the name Les Visible before but never paid attention to the name or any website where this character might be posting material.
Since that page on Smoking Mirrors opened that first day I have been reading as much as I can each and every day. I might miss a day here or there and the server log files can show how often or not I visit.
I don’t like to comment, and seldom do. I like to read and learn and as we all know comments don’t always come out like one may have intended. That has always been the problem with email as well. It’s only words and the reader may approach the text possibly misinterpreting what the writer had in mind.
to continue

Bob Morrison said...


When reading posts by Les I always open the links to see what else I can learn. Sometimes I have already read this material but not usually. I have found many good links I bookmark for later reading.
I kept noticing Les would include links to spiritual material and until I saw his video and his explanation of how God and Religion as not the same thing I would never have paid attention to any of them. I want nothing to do with religion, Period.
I downloaded and printed The Most Direct Means to Eternal Bliss to check it out. It did not take long for me to realize I must have found a gem hidden among the text on the post I just read.
I started reading the Introduction; How to Read This Book and I got down to about number 3 when very strange things started happening around me.
Before I tell that story let me say this…I too have invisible friends, although I don’t refer to them as friends, mostly as demons. Although there have been times they did some great things for me with their incredible powers and abilities most of the time I fight them tooth and nail.
If you guessed aliens, you are right. Cue the laugh track…….
I did not choose them; they chose me and have been around me for a long time, since I was a young child. What their ultimate goal is or what they have planned for me is only conjecture and theory.
So….I begin reading and my head gets flooded with thoughts so fast it was making me dizzy. I had learned from reading and watching Les how to clear my mind with the head turning and snorting.
The thoughts were coming so fast I could not begin to read the next line. I was being overwhelmed by planted thoughts from these creatures standing around the bedroom. (There are normally 3 of them at any time) I kept up discarding the thoughts as quickly as they appeared and the planted thoughts started dropping off and becoming less of a distraction.
Then the planted thoughts stopped dead...my head was clear so I started reading again.

Bob Morrison said...

continuation of

Suddenly very loud noises appeared in different parts of the house. I know full well this particular distraction these aliens use and I don’t get up trying to find out where the noise came from. I just screamed loudly in my mind STOP, and the noises stopped.
I start reading again and I see something moving across the room. Not the full physical body but kind of like an apparition. Then I see shadows moving on the walls in the bedroom where I’m reading. At this point I started laughing to myself and told my visitors you apparently don’t like what I’m reading. They told me in no uncertain terms they do not want me reading this book. I told them were they can go and what they do if they don’t like it as they won’t stop me.
I got about half way down page one and all distractions had now stopped and my mind was clear as it had ever been.
I kept reading for about two hours and every now and then a planted thought would try to sneak it but I quickly discarded it. All was well and at some point I needed to sleep, and it was some of the best sleep I had in so many years I could not recall when I slept so well.
So now each time I start reading The Most Direct Means to Eternal Bliss I get many distractions, for just a short time and they disappear. A partial list of some of the distractions are; planted thoughts, a severe pain in a foot, leg or arm but I simply discard the distraction and the pain stops.
Talking about distractions though; the worst is making plans to practice awareness watching awareness and things keep coming up that keep me from my planned practice session.
I have now read this book six times and every time I read it I find something I did not notice before which shows me I was being distracted and missed what was being presented to me.
This is only a short list of what has transpired since I started reading this EBook posted by Les in a link in a post. I have noticed these links to TMDMEB occur at different times in different posts so I am very grateful to Les for continually posting these links or I would have never found Awareness Watching Awareness.
So thanks very much again Les

Anonymous said...

Vis and friends,

I have an update for my sciatica/back pain situation that may help some people. I live in Los Angeles and everyone here has a nasty flu like illness. I decided to start taking some different supplements to combat this situation. I have been taking 5000 units of Vitamin D3 and a calcium/magnesium pill for the past 3 days. I have been sleeping without incident. Last night I sat around and watched movies with my family and did not have to lapse into fetal position once. I have felt really good inside my body in every way, maybe even less depressed. It just dawned on me that this coincides with my starting this vitamin D3 supplements and so I did a quick google search for sciatica/back pain and vitamin D3 and there are a boat load of testimonies. I am so damned happy and excited I cannot express the difference. I still hurt like a mofo when I cough or move wrong but, my god, I will not be blowing my head off or crying like a little girl in the middle of the night anymore. So, I wanted to pass this along!!! Thank God!!!


Anonymous said...

Bhishma Instructs Yudhisthira Maharaja

Maharaja Yudhisthira said, "My dear grandfather, please tell me about the nature of true friendship. It seems to be exceedingly rare that a friend is found who listens to good advice, and who always endeavors for one's benefit. If such a true friend is acquired, I feel that he is more valuable than fabulous wealth or numerous relatives."

Bhishma replied, "My dear King, the following persons are unfit for being accepted as friends- one that is addicted to sinful life, one that is a slave of lust, one that denies the existence of God, and one that has fallen from the duties of his social order. Also, those that are envious, idle, without compassion, crooked, suspicious, dishonest and untruthful. All of these persons are ungrateful, so that they ultimately become injurers of their friends. There are means of atonement for all kinds of sins, including the killing of a brahmana, but there is no expiation for an ungrateful person."

Bhishma Instructs Yudhisthira Maharaja

howisthere42 said...

good one les

the BCth said...

That was a first. (grin)

You're opening up, Vis! These are interesting times. I greatly enjoyed this one.