12 January 2014

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Bhishma Instructs Yudhisthira Maharaja.. (a lesson for us all)

Once, there were three Sakula fish that were very good friends and constant companions. They lived in a shallow lake that was teeming with numerous species of aquatics. One of the Sakula fish had great foresight, so that he always provided for the future. The second Sakula fish had great presence of mind, but the third was always procrastinating.

One day, a fisherman came to that lake and began to drain out all of the water. Upon seeing this, the fish possessing great foresight brought this to the attention of his two friends: "Just see! There is a great danger that is about to overtake us, for the water level in this lake is steadily decreasing! I suggest that we leave at once, while there is still a chance to go elsewhere."

But, the procrastinating fish replied, "My dear friend, I agree with you. But, there is not immediate danger. Let us worry about this when the time comes."

The fish with presence of mind said, "Friend, rest assured that when the danger comes, I will be able to provide for our means of escape."

At this, the fish with great foresight bid farewell and then swam upstream to a lake of great depth. Soon thereafter, the fisherman cut off the only exit from the lake, after having sufficiently drained it of water. As the fisherman proceeded to easily catch the fish in the shallow water, the procrastinating Sakula fish was caught, along with many others. The fisherman tied these fish together and departed. The Sakula fish with presence of mind had put himself amongst the captured fish. By biting the string, he made it look as if he had also been caught. Then, when the fisherman put the string of fish into deep water to wash them, the feigning Sakula escaped, while the procrastinating one soon met with death.

Anonymous said...

I guess when you put it that way, there rally is no time like the present. Thanks to you, too, Homer for sharing that story. Totally jives with Vis's message I think.


Tyler said...

You say something in your latest radio broadcast... something which sounds like it is pronounced, id-io-ten; I couldn't find the proper English word for what you said... could you let me know, here is the quote for context:

"We don't know the idioten is supposed to look like, but the master does and that is the hands we should leave the whole endeavor in. We do not trust this master simply because we do not trust ourselves. How can we trust ourselves when we find ourselves unable to leave our forming completely in the hands of the only one who knows what they are doing."

Thanks, and great broadcast btw.


Visible said...

As I said in the email, I don't know. Maybe some other listener has a clue.