1 December 2013

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Karen Norman said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy listening to you Vis. Your words pierce all defences set up via indoctrination, that were put there to inhibit the flow of the divine, so the Christ consciousness can shine through.

I am so sorry to hear that your faithful companion is having seizures and not well. The suffering I have done throughout my life always ends up being to some end, as I am sure the suffering you and Poncho are currently going through will.

I currently have two canine companions, who are both under three, a mother and son, but prior to that I had my last canine companion taken by the system and put down Christmas Eve. I had a newborn baby and two other children, which was keeping me somewhat busy, and due to the fact that my little canine friend (Mandy), who was somewhat of a socialite and popular with my neighbours, would disappear for days at a time, we did not think to look for her for about 3 days. At first we thought a shark had gotten her, because she loved chasing starlings that had nested in the jetty out front of our home. She would spend hours just swimming from one jetty to the other with the starlings teasing her by dive bombing at her head. She was a free spirit just like me. We thought our little friend was at one of the neighbour’s homes, so we did not start looking for her for about 3 days. We live on an island so we didn’t think to phone the pound, because they did not prowl the island in those days, except for this particular occasion. We were informed on the 4th day that someone had seen the pound cruising around so we gave them a call and they had put her down that morning. As it was Christmas they had put my little girl down early so the kennels would be empty over Christmas. I had the arduous task of informing my 4 and 3 year olds that our lovable canine had been put down the day before Christmas. I can’t tell you how much I hate the system Vis! I can’t tell you how devastated I was Vis. I felt like I had betrayed my best friend because I had not saved her. To this day I still get distressed when I think about what happened. It took me 17 years to forgive myself enough to take on the responsibility again. My current little mates hardly leave my side, which is their choice as well as mine. The female I have now is called Tazzy (short for Tasmania) and she is so much like Mandy in personality it is not funny. I believe if people can reincarnate so can dogs. Her little boy is called Marley, after Bob Marley, and he is an absolute gem.

They say if you really love something then let it go free, and if it really loves you it will return. Perhaps in the future a little puppy will make its way into your heart and you will realize that your little mate is actually a long lost friend :o).

What this has taught me is that I never really lost my little friend at all, she was just on holidays with the divine :o).

Luv Kazz

jennifer scott said...

Vis- right to the heart with this one! Excellent. and to Karen- that is such a story, I think we all have had something akin to that happen.... I know I have. thanks for your words of wisdom as well- on holiday with the divine- bee well y'all-jen

est said...

yes l v
what you said about poncho
perhaps his suffering is to teach

i always think of the danish, krgd
was it, 'fear and trembling' ?

'god gives us trials not to break
us, but to dissuade us of the notion
we can get there, without his help' [him]

may he watch over you, kindly

hp said...

via Homer..

a prayer for Poncho

est said...

this and a bowl of soup
one more sunday
ends peacefully