10 November 2013

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Karen Norman said...

Hi Vis,

I so hear you. One of the reasons that I read everything you write is because you so often express the love for the divine that I have come to know. Like you I have been well taken care of by the divine. My one dread is that I will let the divine down, even though I know the divine doesn't need to depend on me :o), My greatest yearning is to fulfil my destiny to its optimum so the divine will be proud of my effort. I yearn for this because I wish to give something back to the divine for all the love, compassion, forgiveness and understanding that the divine has shown me. My gratitude bursts forward like a radiant rose in full bloom. The divine has given so much to me (wonderful husband, beautiful children, heavenly place to live, and all of this on a shoestring budget - we have never had any savings because we live week to week like most hard working people, but we have always had enough to live comfortably). On top of these blessings the divine has seen fit to open my eyes to the true nature of the world in which we live, which aids in avoiding the pot holes that many crash and burn in.

I think of you as a brother, who is a little on the crazy side, as am I Vis, because in this upside down world sane is crazy :o). One of my favourite sayings, which is by the author Colleen McCollough, is "if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room". You are one person I see doing this to the max Vis and I applaud you for it. I love the fact that you piss people off because if you aren't making enemies then you don't really have any friends! I hope one day to meet you in person Vis so we can chat into the early hours of the morning about all that is transpiring upon this dimension, and the others, and the wonderful outcome which will follow. I become energized by such interactions. I know this because the divine has been kind to me and blessed me with people who are capable of interacting at this level, even though they are as rare as precious jewels.

Any way Vis I just wanted to tell you how on the money you are, as usual. The divine tells me that you should feel honoured that the dark side finds you worthy of attack, because as you know, how much you are pissing the dark side off is indicative of how much you are serving the light.

Blessings to you Vis. I wish I could go to London to see you speak, maybe next time, if there is a next time :o). If not Vis, I have added to my list of things to do, to meet Les Vis whose heart is, as we put it in Aussie land, TRUE BLUE (meaning real: genuine). No higher compliment is available in this world of deceit and lies Vis. Keep up the good work because it allows the divine light to shine through.

Luv Kazz

Visible said...

Oh Karen;

Thank you so much for that. I'm just about to go to bed and this is a wonderful closing to my day. I try my best but I am not yet consistent as I would like to be. The one thing God love the most is to be loved. After that gratitude and God loves it when we shoe compassion. So I spend a lot of time, not nearly enough, telling God that I love him/her- depending on whether it is the solar logos or Lady Nature. Of course Krishna is the highest but I tend to use intermediaries to speak to him.

God's grace shine upon you.

Visible said...

I'm not having any internet problems now. God willing it will stay that way. As for online banking and such, there's isn't much for them to take.

Ginnie said...

There is something very sweet in the winging it department...got to feel the real you I believe. It was almost like having you here. You should do it this way more often. Liked the giggle!
Liked what Karen said too!

jennifer scott said...

The alooo at the end says it all. Just as Ginnie said, I liked this one... the real you. It helps to just talk about "whatever" sometimes. -the love in all part kinda reminds me of a line in a really old journey song "its all to much for me to see, the love that shines all around me (or you...kinda forget lyrics) I just remember the "feeling" when I first heard that song. thanks for reminding me that is what IT is about.
world severely out of balance these days.....seems to be reeling on its edge, hmmm. life is always most intense there, on the edge.- i hope we all will be safe-jen

Eudoxia said...

Viz your "ad hoc" is even better than the planned versions - more of that please. I'm sure during these times we are all treading the razor's edge (@ Karen - great quote one of my favs too :- and great post). Most of us here have been blessed in some way or we simply wouldn't be here. For those who come to provoke then we are also blessed for their provocations :- Once one has been touched by gnosis (for want of a better word) there is no turning back, no matter what. What an amazing group of people you are - Viz, it's hardly surprising you attract the dark side, after all they prey on the light. How can psychosis understand people like you. That's not a question it's a statement. You really are a knight in shining armor in these times and thanks also to the many enlightened folk who post here too. Without you guys I'd have lost the plot I think. May the force be with you all (as disturbingly cliche as that sounds)! Peace All

Anonymous said...


I spit on them all who won't feature you. That's an irreparable turning away and this behavior is responsible for the evil we are facing. You are out there banging the drum with massive intelligence and beautiful harmony. Bang on, high one. Wish I could do more for you. I must e-mail Icke and smack him around. His info and style, while helpful, do not hold a candle to Snordelhans doing Visible. That's as good as it gets. I'm sending vibes for Viz TV. So there.



Visible said...

It's kind of you to think of me but Icke might not even be aware of it. Might just be those who weaselled in to power.