27 October 2013

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Richard said...

Beauty-full Mas and Mas Visible

Indeed persistence is not a synonim to thick-headedness, rather an obedience to a movement of the Heart.

Tears of joy arise spontaneously at the timbre of Visible's voice connected to Visible's Heart. May what you wish for others descend upon you.

Be well, be Alert

jennifer scott said...

what a wonderful way to start my day, loved listening to this show. Surfing along on those waves of consciousness...- jen

Eudoxia said...

Thank you Mr Visible, this one in particular is music to the ears. I've bee in a constant state of compression and I'm not quite through it yet. The way I thought I should be going is blocked, so obviously it's not the way I should be going. It is very clear I need guidance from the ineffable one right now. So beseech the ineffable I shall although I have, however, not quite enough! The timing for this radio show could not have been better! Muchas Gracias

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gosh prabhu, I was rooting for your island RnR.
Ocean, sun and moon. Flowers, birds and bees.

Easy to give thanks to Bhumidevi's soft spots.


Visible said...

Things just haven't worked out. there's a vibrational stalemate at the moment. I think once this month passes all is ok

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