20 October 2013

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Ginnie said...

Always just what I need to hear. You affirm what is being told to me. I am and have always been a hermit to a great degree. Alone by choice yet not lonely. God is great company and always will be my choice over human companionship.
Thanks again for your words. It means a lot right now.

the gardener said...

What Ginnie said : ) thank you Vis. Love you man.

the gardener

"god's not dead, he's only hiding..." love that song too.

Visible said...

Just all a part of me having no light in me and being manipulated by demons (grin). Mirrors certainly do some surprising things.

Anonymous said...

How do I get the one before this? I went to the other website when you posted about it, downloaded the latest show and it had your radio show uploaded previous to this one.

Also I used to be a writer on NaturalNews and they would censor my articles and sometimes Mike would sit on my time sensitive articles for long periods of time with no possible reason and sometimes he would write a related and crappy article prior to releasing mine. He is a malignant narcissist. Also, if you haven't seen it he released a terrible, terrible rap album. No I am not kidding.

Visible said...

Sorry but that was probably my fault. Interesting how you define Mike, I think of him as a megalomaniac which is basically the same thing you said but differently worded.

One is a monster when they say the right things and then defend the very types they speak out against.

A rap album eh? Heheheh, typical. I've written one, a lampoon on the style, haven't gotten around to releasing it yet. I think I'll write a song abut Alan and Mike to go on it. thanks for generating the idea.

Boy, the things he did to you, that's just so generic of the type, like those who take credit for another man's work.

Send me a link to your blog.

Milo said...

Accessing the older radio shows is easy enough: when on the main blog page(s) just scroll down and there's a "Site Archive" link in the right sidebar.

Alternatively, at the bottom of every page (talking about the black blog pages here, not the white comment pages) there is a link at bottom right to the previous show.

Eudoxia said...

Affirmation is just what everybody needs who is on the path to keep them on the path I say! Viz is a good one for that which is what drew me to your work in the first place. Reiteration, reiteration and more reiteration! hehe. The analogy to baboons shitting all over the floor and slipping on their own faeces was just brilliant! It's pretty well rampant - Mr Apocalypse is firing shots across a good many bows at present and they're not ducking too well! None of em! The reference to malignant narcissists - well aren't they all malignant? LOL I don't think there are too many who aren't or they aren't narcissists. Interesting about Adams though, not gone into him too much only here and there, but I do recall him writing an article about the Obumacare code being screwed up and he showed examples, but I was thinking at the time, how did he get a copy of the code? Interesting days alright, must be too much dust coming in from the cosmos - the Magisterium can't keep up the pace and the more they try to stop it the more comes through but at a faster pace! Peace All