8 September 2013

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Richard said...

Ahrooo Mas and Mas Visible

What a beatiful, Heart resonance to listen to, almost first thing of this morning.

Gratitude and celebration arise spontaneously listening to this show.
Never give-up, its is not so much abour winning but about the effort, the effort to have the spontaneous expression of Love do the dance.......

The demon forces work from scripts, a very limited number of scripts, the only 'difference' is at what moment and on what stage, poor bastard offspring have no creativity.

May the trunk of the elephant head grow long !!!

Be well, e Aler, Love

Ginnie said...

You can hear a special energy in this one. I look forward to these shows to connect with your voice to "see" you better. Your "theme" song is what is in my head everyday when I wake up. I find it cropping up and singing it throughout the day. Beautiful! Is that Suzanne doing harmony? This is the boost for each week for me. Inspiring. Thank you for being! God's not dead and now he has an elephant head! White robe and two sets of sandals.

howisthere42 said...

Hoo ra.