14 July 2013

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Tyler said...

I must agree with you Visible, while I have not had the experience of actually hearing the divine speaking to me in a audible voice, it does speak to me in many other ways... sometimes the in the way a Spider, or a Fly, bird, or a Cat comes by and greets me... or the way the wind blows in my face... or countless other vectors of communication. Kundalini is a tangible experience, in the flesh. Lately I have entered into a stage of bliss, uncontrollable laughter and tears. I cant remember the last time I laughed like this, perhaps in my childhood. It is like waking up from the dead in a way... a weight lifted off my shoulders. I laugh at the slightest thing now... It is a living essence that exists everywhere you choose to see it or invoke it. There is no point to life without it... nothing is worth a fraction of the beauty of what the divine has to offer.

Great show Visible!

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

If laughter is the best medicine, honesty runs a close second.

Thanks for both.

Laura said...

Such sublime wisdom expressed as my heart and being wrapped themselves around in such a deep flow of resonance. It feels with all the chaotic energies bombarding us that it is ever more imperative not to "feed the inhabitants." Thanks, dear Vis.

With love, in grace ~

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I wrote my comment to Visible prabhu, in praise of his sincere (and funny) radio talk. Big medicine comment. This was before I enjoyed Tyler's comment.

Sri Ganesha rescued me from the very point of death. I was there. He never said a word nor did look into my eyes.

Shamed and at peace, simultaneously.

I remember well the point of death and my rescue from it, by Lord Shiva's son..