9 June 2013

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bee wrangler said...

3/4 speed- i like it. the meaning of it all- yesterday was another one for purpose of demonstration for me....and my son john, he got lost in the woods while i was taking bees out of a tree stump for a customer. he was to check out the other 8 acres of property for any more hives, after he came to an understanding his predicament he remained calm and found his way out to a road, and back to me n his sister. He was in very deep south texas woods and nothing around for miles, he later that day remarked about it as we ate a welcome meal at a little tavern on the brazos river-he said "for purpose of demonstration, mom"...that was a priceless moment.
That days job turned out to be for another truth seeker who was well aware of the world- upside down world. she was a tough lady like me from west texas...and a nice husband and kids too, this 8 acre place is to be their retreat.. it was a great day!-jen