19 May 2013

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Zoner said...

Consumed? Check.

Not sure by "what" exactly however. I suspect an interloper of some sort.

Where is that center again? Too much shaking goin' on to see straight I guess.

Round and round we go, eh?

bee wrangler said...

i am seeing that light in others this week, yesterdays customer was very "awake" to our strange wprld here in the u.s. - dreamland is good way to put it. Having gone through my own trials to get here and now i see the reasons for them and can tell others. the woman had an old used bookstore(that was closed n for sale) and she told me to take my time looking thru the piles of books, take any i wanted. i got some wonderful old gems for my kids and myself. Lately all of my customers have been folks who are aware to some extent, and i tell them of my plan to move 2 rivers farther out of town and live in peace, raising my chickens, bees, n chilrens.... my escape from the cell tower ridden areas. It is amazing how many new ones are going up-everywhere.
You are so correct when you say your life is what you see for yourself- my 25 yr old who lives in Hi. taught me that too. I hope you get a chance to get there to record some music before you wind up in your "happy place", not that we are not in that place all of the time. that is the biggest truth i can tell others i meet. when you lose the fear they can never hurt you. Great to have a day off today and work on my own(not the bankers)little acre and a half paradise here in alvin, preparing for whatever is coming, knowing it is for the best. thanks for a great radio show, wonderful words and ideas...-jen