12 May 2013

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Citizen Elle said...

You've been kind of a master key for me somehow. So glad you "remembered" to do this show. Your contribution has reminded me of so much to still be, given the elusive nature of time.

Arrroooooo, back at ya.... keep on.

PSO said...

You can't disconnect from something unless you are aware of it.

We are in Apocalypse.
We are in the summing up of an age, make no mistake about it.

The time has come to be transitioned into another realm; we never know when the moment will come so we should live in that way the rest of our days.- paraphrased regarding preparations of one's INNER WORLD

We think ewe know, but we do not. Job #1: Conscious connection to your consciousness; absolutely mandatory. -paraphrased

I've read collections of biographies and amazed at the amount of failures and struggles; how they become most constructive during these periods of their lives-paraphrased

IF we learn to access secret reaches of our heart we will be fed with heavenly manna..-paraphrased

The relationship between you and 'GOD' is the most important thing one can have- more important than the relationship of needing air to survive...it is THAT important.-paraphrased

Experiences are meant for edification, but primarily -for the purpose of demonstration.-paraphrased
After prayer I wonder upon my life.
I hope I do better tomorrow than today. One author, I remember -he said- what it is, is- quote-"You fight and fight and fight and then surrender", --whatever that means [grin].-paraphrased

Success in the invisible life is determined by certain criteria...
..Some come in tandem, others are determined by [actions],others yet are removed from each other, still have communication- or not- depending..
There are many heavens.
Many holding Tanks,
Many Hells [some of them completely individual]
The unseen worlds are certainly vaster than the geography of this little sphere.

Earth is an important place- for some reason- Apparently the only place for certain kinds of changes and necessary changes -that can go down...

I don't doubt there are inhabited worlds scattered through the Universe. Other inhabited worlds no doubt extraterrestrial in their descriptions, some very similar to our own, and also possibly much more advanced. For some reason, although we have heard of flying saucers, the ufo's, for some time, have seen evidence of visitation upon our cave walls and remnants of ancient cultures, we're not seeing them appear in our environment, in any communicative or connected way; I have personally seen flying saucers but I have , well, no contact went on except for a brief moment out in palm springs ...

For some reason now contact is discouraged. Hopefully that changes.

I'd sure like to make contact.
I'd love to network with them about a certain solution to a hideous vermin that's plagued us ALL at the moment, as well as our collective IGNORANCE

I know there are answers out there just as there are answers IN HERE [pointing to his chest wherein his heart does rest]

I'm looking,
I'm waiting,
and wishing
and hoping in eagerness and expectation in powerful irrevocable change

I'm tired of being stationary, on the run through fields of my own shortcomings, or worse,
routinely tumbling down, like
as a result of tripping over the obstacles in my way. I guess that's how some of us finally arrive at where we are going.
Beaten and bruised, but somehow still focused [I hear you laughing between breaths]

Near end of broadcast [EOB], Visible reflects on British Author, Stewart Wilde, who 'passed' over on May 1st, is someone I did not know much of nor personally at all. I did a search and it seems not many people liked him. He seems to have had derogatory comments directed at him -similar to those that get posted about me [chuckling],
Lord Visible wishes him a good passing basically, and earnestly wishes he has safe journey and land where he hopes he would..paraphrasing

- Les Visible; radio show quotes; May 12, 2013
I don't know why I transcribed small portions like this.
I hope I did you justice though

-patrick from western Ky, us inc.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

That must have felt pretty good. It sounds good.

I did say a prayer for Stuart Wilde.
Like your good self I wasn't a big fan or really know very much about Stuart in any depth at all, but I have read some of his thoughts and I do know he has a very enhanced sense of compassion for animals which is always sweet and never fails to make an impression..

All you said makes sense and is very good advise.

I root for you prabhu, have confidence in you and complete belief you will attain what you desire.
Me too.

As you know, it never hurts to have friends in high places, and in my case, low places as well..

" He speaks, and the sound of His voice,
Is so sweet the birds hush their singing,
And the melody that He gave to me
Within my heart is ringing."

zepheri said...

Hey les
I've never been a morning person, unless the money made me. Recently, networking has introduced itself as a means to an end. I am troubled by these means, all though they do fit the ends, I think. Faith has served me well and I am apprehensive of the effects of goodwill with money in the mix. I seem to have come to a crossroads and would like to believe that all can be had with myself intact. All seeds shall be sown for fruit comes in many forms.
Self preservation seems to be a fools errand for the inexperienced. Capitalism doesn't need to be about the money but about personal growth that must come with a cost.
Thanks man
Ras Putin

est said...

always good to hear you, my friend
it's like the truman show, in reverse

you start out knowing you're in an illusion
and that painted wall [exit ?] is just a few steps away

lasteph said...

I love your blogs and radio show, thank you, they do bring comfort and deliver food for my brain. Lovely, lovely time here reading what you have to say and the commenters.

lasteph said...

I think your blog is superb and radio show dynamite! Thank you ~ Stephanie

lasteph said...

Hi Les,
Love your blog and radio show! Thank you, both are comforting and something I look forward to. You are never dull and leave my mind thinking ~ good job!

bee wrangler said...

vis- at todays job i saw a bee through my veil...then it came into focus to my minds eye and i really saw it was hovering there in front of my face, looking at me. a whole new world these days, seeing the divine and feeling it inside- jen

Anonymous said...

Lovely to hear your voice again

With love from

Alan, the vegetarian south of perth