18 August 2018

Les visible is in hospital right now; he's undergone some surgery.

Will you please pray for him, write to him, or leave any messages of support on any blog post, that the worst of the hurting is now behind him.

Mail: lesvisible@gmail.com

He'd really like that.


Hoping that vis might be transferred from hospital into rehab later today...

14 April 2013

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Anonymous said...

pierre said...

sidenote from a sidekick.

Talking Heads - Find A City.

Is that home cooking? no, it's only the river.

Citizen Elle said...

superb -- thank you -- looking forward together with you is helping so many of us that you don't know.
I love you, the gifts you share, the loving souls you've attracted here. Many blessings to us all, always.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vis, just wanted you to know that I always get a great deal from your radio shows. I'm thankful for them and just wanted you to know that these "transmissions" have made a huge difference in my life and continue to do so. Thanks and God bless, Brother.