24 March 2013

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Anonymous said...

pierre said..

I dont like the tone of my voice ("young man") but
F*ck 'Em.

Citizen Elle said...

You sound sharp & good – once again, thank you for this and your relentless commitment to exemplary truth telling with sheer endurance in abundance... I really like to hear you, as do so many others. *I did note recently that sometimes your blogs are heard as your voice in my head (as my eyes move across the screen reading)... not something I try to do.
Your writing & recordings have been a blessing in my life. Somehow your words ring true, resonate, relate to my being profoundly and help me feel OK. This is a gift you share. Your body of work has been one of the most precious tools that I’ve found to help break the chains that secured the veils around me for so long. Coupled with the info/images of the outer world, your perspective has helped prepare me better for the times that are upon us. I will say that your infamous tag line, “if there is one” effects me to this day in a yin/yang kinda way.
In gratitude always... Elle

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes I did LOL and for that, thanks!

It sure didn't hurt much.

Aliveinthewastelands said...

Peace be upon you Les,

Thank you and best wishes on your journey onward as all ways may always be open for you. You really have changed for the better since India. Citizen Elle couldnt express it more beautifully than you have.


Zardoz said...

Thank you Les for all your hard work in research and in getting the word out on all this stuff. I feel like your words have really made the difference for me in the past few months, it helps just to know that there are some people out there who's brains have not turned to jelly.

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