9 December 2012

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Erica said...

Hi Vis,thank you for your continuing reinforcement of your central message.
You are right,there's no turning back or going to sleep-indeed,given current outer appearances,who would choose to?
Hope your trip to India is both enjoyable and fruitful.

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Thanks again.
Woof woof.
Be well,

preacher said...

Thank you for your words Vis!

Relying on the Divine is indeed hard to do. I am trying that for a long time now, but get constantly set back by fear of things my mind conjures up, alas.
Even the fact that most of those things don't happen, can't seem to stop me from doing that.
It must be some sort of PTSS, I think now.

preacher said...

Oh, and happy trails!

Sounds like there lies a great adventure before you.

Visible said...

Thank you preacher, actually it is just the nature of the mind. It's like a monkey but it can be brought to heel.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Les. Thank you for this. God(dess) bless you. Be safe

est said...




Visible said...

Your link doesn't come up bro. Happens tome too.

preacher said...

I think you wanted to link this:

Live Web Camera on Mount Arunachala

est said...

thank you, preacher

i must have tried to hot-link
that cam about five times

similar to clarity's experience
it looked all good to go then...

i seem to be missing something
some small trick or method

i will do further research and
try again, going forward

Clarity said...

I listened to this one twice, Vis. Lots of good in here. My thoughts are with you. You will be missed...

@ est - I might be able to help you with the hyperlinks. You can email me at clarityATlesvisible.net

(change AT to @ )

Much love,

Anonymous said...

pierre said (still playing with words)

rely on me the divine.
the devil wants re-lie for me.