24 December 2012

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preacher said...

This was the greatest night sermon I've been to on Christmas eve!

I also believe there were multiple avatars throughout history.
Merry Christmas, Yule and Pancha Ganapati!

We survived... so far.

Robin Redbreast said...

We ARE here :) Thanks Visible.
Have a very merry and happy Christmas - one and all
We are all one - so it kinda makes sense-
God bless and enjoy the joy

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas!

May tears of love and respect for Lord Jesus and his Father fall this day.

jaya sri-krishna-chaitanya
prabhu nityananda
sri-adwaita gadadhara

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

For the pleasure of the devotees, and everyone.

"BHAGAVAD-GĪTĀ AS IT IS: The King of Education"



Anonymous said...

pierre said..

a lovely message Vis, and you sound well (was that Poncho there or a water buffalo that swallowed a green tree frog?).

Power and the glory, and the humility, understand, stand under, overcome, come around.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Viz, Merry Christmas & God bless to you too.


Anonymous said...

Did I ever mention "Festus Hagen is one of my heroes?"

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