25 November 2012

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Clarity said...





Whatever good things you were told, I hope they come to you very soon - in your time. They are well-deserved.

(Nice to hear that your friend is waking up to the truth!)

Much love,

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Thank you. The timbre of your voice, carrying the heart-felt emotions, is where the message is to my ears.
Be well, love

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

sounds good from this end (alls quiet on the western front). between two words or letters the divine packs in the complete works. circle whose centre everywhere, circumference nowhere.
and I personally don't think god favours those who get together in gangs to blackmail each other, even though as you say, there might be some good people in them.

Visible said...

That was not an easy show for me to do but I feel good not having said anything specific. Wild statements that challenge reality as we have 'come to' understand it. I don't want to go to Benjamin Fulford land in your head or in mine.

I appreciate your understanding. Weird things are the order of the day for me in this life and more and more so ♫as time goes by♫.

Sometimes when God is talking to me he'll say, "So, you're not sure this is me, eh"? Then, if I'm standing up, he'll bend me from the waist and if I'm sitting, my head will whip to one side. Then he'll say, "So, what about that"?

Of course, sometimes my immediate flash is, 'the devil inside'. God laughs and usually quotes scripture like, "By their works ye shall know them". then my mind flashes into the past and views any one of my screwups. Then GOd will say, "Come on visible! What does it take"? (grin)

He lets me know he set up India and all the other things. He lets me know that he is responsible for the way people respond in me. He lets me know that he contacts that place in them and creates a resonance. He'll say, "surely you are aware of how unusual that particular feature is"? And that, I have to admit, is one of the odder things that go on with me.

I guess gratitude is just going to keep rising.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Gratitude is enlightenment.

May gratitude keep rising forever!

Hare Krishna!
Om Amitabha!
Hail Lord Jesus Christ!
Greetings Lord Ganesha!
Much love Bahá'u'lláh!
And a million more Alohas and Arooooooooooos!

Chinese Sneakers said...

The comment about your being bent caught my attention, partly because of the surreal physicality and partly because it recalled for me a somewhat similar experience.

It vaguely reminded me of the time i was having to go walking across this massive cross-walk heading straight into two thugs who were not going to move. As we proceeded apace and we came to point of impact--there was this wooshing in the blink of an eye--then it was if nothing had happened, with everyone just continuing onwards after i'd somehow managing to slip utterly untouched through double-trouble marching shoulder to shoulder in opposition.

They never knew what didn't hit them, and i never looked back and risk ruining it somehow; although i did become aware of people exclaiming at what they could not believe they'd had just seen me do. Grinning, i thought it best to just keep rolling my way.

Anyway, it was definitely done "for" me, not by me. Nor was this the work of any little devil inside; though i have to admit that i was not privy to any particular presence other than my own mind on this occasion.

Reckon there was no other way but to literally warp the material planes in order to intervene on my behalf. in one of the busiest cities' biggest train stations.

In hindsight, I am certain that things could have gone very differently in those few moments and i thank my lucky stars that they did not. But for me now, there is this added significance in the similarity between these two demonstrations of warp-speed physique bending and that was why i mentioned all of this to you.

Anyway, i should go listen to the show now.


Visible said...

My friend, there was a night at Piero's Garden Cafe, where there were all these locals out in the parking lot and this girl Susie wanted her flute; she was going to play with us. Nobody wanted to go out there. There was 6 of them and they were looking for trouble. Neither Bud nor Franklin would come with me; even the big guys who worked the door with me would not go.

I got the keys to Bud's big bright green dumpster machine and I went out there with Susie. These colossal fuckups had moved into the greensward in the meantime. I opened Bud's reconverted bread truck and we got Susie's flute. As we came out of the truck, they were standing in the road between us and the main street. I had picked up my guitar as well, not that I needed it, I was doing lead singer that night so I wasn't expected to play. We came up to them and it was obvious that they were going to kick my ass for coming out there and being dumb enough to do it, so I started spinning and I told Susie, "Go left completely. End result, I spun past them and she is a small girl so she just went under their arms.

Next thing you know, were om the other side of them and there is Susie, screaming at them, "Jesus loves you". and there were these guys grinning at me and realizing they had been outfoxed and giving me virtual high fives.

I head to the club and see that everyone was watching this and Bud says to me, "You asshole". We played beautifully that night and no one got hurt. Later on, those guys remembered me and I was spared a lot of future grief for having done this. My rep got built on that, even though I never actually did much. Though it is true I used to go into the parks and challenge similar guys to spar.

Sure, I was crazy but between crazy and coward, I will take crazy any day of the week.

est said...

now that reminds me of a time
going clear through a crowd

of a 100 thousand dead-heads -towards the sound booth

they of course, were all
dancing shoulder to shoulder

picking up the thread instantly
i danced my way through

and had no actual 'physical'
contact with anyone at all

this is the way i try to conduct
my life so as to avoid crashes

it gets lonely but it's the price
required for proper reflection

Anonymous said...

pierre said (should have posted before reading comments)

have we done annointed pricks?
old monty python- armed with a banana , or pointed sticks skit.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

my comment was meant to go into Petri, I think. could be the spam bucket thing again. no probs. I might put the blog title in the comment.

bee wrangler said...

Vis- once again great words of wisdom stream from you.
Thinking of those times in my life when i was spoken to also....some things are meant to be. i am learning to let them be.-jen