18 November 2012

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preacher said...

A really magical loving talk Vis!
Thank you for that!

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Thank you. Thanks for the reminders. Somehow the shows are too short.
be well

est said...

i've just started playing these shows for a few friends of mine

i look over and they invariably
start nodding in agreement

when you're speaking the truth
one can not help but hear it

it stands out against the back -drop of lies, so prevalent now

Clarity said...

Well, I WAS enjoying the show, and I WAS getting something out of it. I heard the emotion in your voice and it shows your sincere devotion.

Then... I heard my name. What???

Well, I almost instantly forgot everything else - just for a bit. I am honored that you thought of me, but I know there are many, many others who are more deserving of a mention. What means the most to me is that you recognize my honesty and sincerity. I am still learning and am most definitely a work in progress, but I do try to walk my talk.

I talk to god every day. I did this afternoon in my car, in fact. I can assure you that I do not hear god like you do so I think you got good info. on that. (grin) I did get that message through you... Other than that, I think my responses come in a deep "knowing". I'm trying to get good at recognizing it, and trusting what it is. I don't doubt god, but I doubt myself, and that can make things difficult. I won't stop trying, though.

Thank you again for another inspirational program!

Much love,

PS - You chose some fine people to name, but I need to give a thumbs up to your mention of Sim. That is most definitely well-deserved. Woof!

bee wrangler said...

in knowing the truth- we are truly free. great listening to you today...inspiring and gives me hope! i am going out to the farms these days and getting the hives ready for winter. It is so good to know that the ones who sutain our land understand the truths of the world. I meet new customers daily who enjoy your sites...the universe has worked its magic here(i am knowing the cabal- will have a problem..houston)...bees and truth go together & lots of folks down here are waking up. -jen

Anonymous said...

Les Visible prabhu, I do love very much the reality of Sri Hanuman basking on his Lord Rama's doting lap.

Thank you for knowing this.

I do love the transcendental reality of those pearls.

All this is true.

Also true is that I'm a mutt, for sure.

Laura said...

Dear Vis ~ This show was particularly touching for me. I too felt the deep emotion you were feeling as you shared about your talks with the Divine ~ brought the tears flowing. I often will write down some of your expressions and this was sublime to hear - hope I wrote it correctly:

"Fitting place for the One..as is the sacred chambers of the heart where true scriptures are written in vibrating tongues of flame. And when the heart has reached the proper level of higher Love those sciriptures will speak on their own account.". Truth and beauty indeed!

I would like to say more but there are no words in this now, just a deep and abiding feeling of the Divine in my heart.

With Love ~ In Grace ~

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"and the joy we share as we tarry there..."

Me too. My favorite aunt's favorite song. We would sing this with great happiness and tingle with a joy.

Just like now.

Anonymous said...

When Jesus comes,he comes as the Christ in all people

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

After church singing with my dear Aunt I proceeded to (in mere minutes it seems) hit the road running; full speed at times and acquiring along
the way three nicknames.

What?! Aw shucks, when you're Homer is there a need for a nickname?

This is the direction I headed, and it really didn't take long to get there..

First my mother called me "wild indian." This was from day 1 and continued until I, well, quit the choir, best says it.

Second one came from the boys in the hood/greasers.
They called me Homer Badass! It's true they really don't call you that if you're behaving even a little bit.
They called me other names/things too, but they're very humiliating so I won't bore bother.
No, they weren't nicknames.

So it goes, and I became, like Visible prabhu, a celebrity of sorts.
However, unlike the aforementioned prabhu, it was a a lower case/class/caste celebrity.

In fact, it was so way lower that my next nickname was - ready - Loup Garou. Yeah.
My own brother.. Boy howdy.

I'm quite sure it doesn't get more dramatic than the old Loup Garou.
So I've been told.(rumors)

I finally caught up to another Old Friend, He was there the whole time and He sure enough cured me of the Loup Garou, when asked.

Since Visible prabhu speaks so nicely about me, I thought it best to at least try to make him chuckle a little bit.

I truly appreciate this and isn't it the Lord's glorious day!

Visible said...

When it comes to threshing my mind and making me have to think about it, Homer, you are unequaled.

"We be of one blood you and I".

I wrote that song "Gone Baby Gone" about that.

Aliveinthewastelands said...

Peace be upon you brother Les,

Great news that you will be in India..Me too Im leaving on the 13th from France. I would be there for 1 month definitely would like to show you around. Also you are most welcome to stay with me. We will Inshallah god willing fly some kites together..

Visible said...

Akram! oh, you saw that movie! heh heh, yes... let me know where and when and we shall walk and talk among the monkey pods and mangoes.