7 October 2012

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Best wish to you, Visible prabhu!

Srila Prabhupada..

"Sometimes, you know, people say that I have done miracles. They say everywhere. But I do not know anything, miracles or magic. If there is any miracle, that miracle is that we present things as they are. That's all. Without any adulteration. So that should be the principle. Present as it is. It will be accepted"

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

oops again and again.
that was keiser, not rense, I recalled you commenting favorably on, just for the record down here.

beewrangler said...

You are a miracle Vis, shined light into my life with your words!
Thank you for bee-ing you!
madame beekeeper-jen

Anonymous said...

pierre said..
double oops, my first oopsie didnt get through.

thanks for that, interesting and "useful" as always,

another litmus test thingy is can they improvise (cue Obama hehe).

continuous improvement, testing, being aware. aware lately that spending 3 hours a day listening to Rense is probably no better than any other talk back radio, effective complexity and quality of time issues and, most importantly, leaving spaces, getting the monkey mind bored enough to focus on the real mind, time enough for love to cue Heinlen.

I'd be interested on your take on Keiser in these latter days, though I've heard your favorable comment on him last year, as well as anti anti.

..as I am hazardiously and challengingly going anti everything, everything BUT the light (for want of a better word, being a perfect non word word) and all that jazz.

cheers... pierre

Laura said...

Thanks, dear Visible, for continuing these efforts to the benefit of us all. I was introduced to Mihael Aivanhov several months ago, and like you, found him of deep resonance....rang my bell in my heart and mind. Wonderful wisdom he imparted to those fortunate enough to read him. There are less individuals that speak to me in this now ~ rarified energies bring that about in one's experience.

Love ~