28 October 2012

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preacher said...

One of your finest...
I wish you well on your journey(s)!

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
May each step of your Journey into the unknown be accompanied with starlight of our Celestial Mother's garment, rose petals placed before your feet and the milk of the Celestial Mother's breast feed the infant in you.
Thus the Rose Garden of the Heart will always be in Bloom.
If my wishes are inappropriate or come short of the deserved, please forgive my incapacities to express what is in my Heart.
Thank you for your poetry in prose, the radio shows and in general for being Visible.
Siempre Fi, Nature of Dogs.

Clarity said...

Good stuff here, Visible!
I thoroughly enjoyed this one.

Bon voyage


Anonymous said...

pierre said....

despite what you humbly say, from this end none of these posts/shows are boring or needlessly repetitive. just a pity a gang of thousands can't be keel hauled off to a church, bolted to the seats and forced to listen to it until they GET IT. shades of clockwork orange there I guess, so maybe not a good idea. enjoy your retreat/entrance. if in india you come across an organ grinder, tell the monkey his uncle from the old country said hello.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Always and ever love the ending!

Srila Prabhupada..

So-called gurus, they are so-called gurus. They are not gurus. That is already explained. If one does not speak what Krsna speaks, he is not guru. If you accept so-called guru, that is your misfortune. What can be done?

Pusta Krsna: Some of them will say some things that Krsna says, but they’ll take from other places also. What is the position of such persons?

Prabhupada: He’s MOST DANGEROUS. He’s MOST DANGEROUS. He is OPPORTUNIST. HE’S FINDING OUT CUSTOMER, SOMETHING HERE… ACCORDING TO THE CUSTOMER HE IS GIVING SOMETHING, AS THE CUSTOMERS WILL BE PLEASED. SO HE IS NOT GURU. He’s a servant. He wants to serve the so-called disciples so that he may be satisfied and pay him something. He’s servant. He’s not guru.

Guru is the master.

Nate said...


Talk about summing up, this one is it.

The intent, the territory covered, all within the span presented.

Thanks maestro!

Much love and appreciation.

ps: those Kali and Kalki dreams have had the apparent desired effect.

pps: Enjoy you travels and be well my friend.