2 September 2012

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Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Great song, prabhu!

It is nothing less than amazing how you've been hidden away so long.

PSO said...

IF I were a Metaphor, wrapped in skin,
I would be seen as a Visible [grin] ;)
patrick -western Kentucky

coletteonice said...

Thanx L.V for this cruisey broadcast tonight...had a huge guffaw when you supped on your pilsner...as I had just cracked a lovely refreshing pilsner myself...small brewery in South Isle N.Z...and was puffing on de rigeur rollie as well...alas not A.S. tobacco...very hard to find here.
Massive gratitude to you from me...have been a regular since 2006,when I got directed here from WRH.

neal said...

Thank you, it is hard to broadcast, and convey the heart, I swear, I do not know how you push this out, I only talk to two other humans, you must be really shy (grin).

Gratitude is easy, fear of blowback must interact like some accelerant, I do not know.

That is not the way it works, here. I tried that, it did not take, so well.

Maybe be brave, and do what I am told, Lord knows, I have tried, but that smells funny, and if that was just about me, that would be history.

Resonance is funny. I make no sense, but the heart keeps doing what She will do, and so it goes, maybe.

What about you, that is always being clarified, good luck with that, in this place.

est said...

yes - l v
i enjoyed the casual nature of the show
i too listened with headphones

it makes it seem like being in the
same room with you

rolling one up and taking a pull
off a nice cold, local brew

shooting the breeze and
talkin' ' bout the wind

Clarity said...

Finally got to listen to this one...

The second half was my favorite half and the first half was my second favorite half.

Got that?


Anonymous said...

pierre said..

I enjoyed this one, relaxed, walking softly (trying to), get the oxygen back to the peripheries. I always wondered how much was scripted, and also wonder if you go off into a meditational hour to digest things, the way comments seem to come through in the next blog, for instance.
God doesn't have attention deficit, people do.