26 August 2012

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Anonymous said...

almost every word was a shared thought / practice

we may already be partly living
where we are going when we change
and we are only experiencing the time trails
we already left behind

how real is any of this when you lay down and sleep
or stop looking back?

so easy to slip the moors...but i teeter here on the
edge. semi-consciously (i often forget) understanding that what we are doing now is what we came to do -- consciously expanding our consciousness. why else endure if not to grow the energy pattern?

your friend

liz in la

Clarity said...

I enjoyed the pace of this show. It allows more time for your words to be absorbed and understood. There is a lot of good information here. Many who choose to listen with an open heart and mind can use it to make some positive changes in their lives. It requires a certain level of truth - that is, being honest with oneself when looking within.

I don't know why you've had such a tough week, but the night your most recent Origami was posted, you can be sure that I had a talk with god about you. I was quite firm, too. That is, after I thanked him for my blessings. :) Let's hope it did some good.