19 August 2012

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Clarity said...

I was feeling a little tired before, but I have a lot more energy now.

Great show, Visible!



Visible said...

Yeah, I listened to it a few moments ago and I thought, "Damn! I coulda been an auctioneer.".

Clarity said...


To the lady in the front row..
for eternal love and gratitude to Visible.

I do love you. You're awesome.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Les Visible prabhu,
you really are that guy!

and you make it sound easy.

A best wish to you.

Laura said...

Last few minutes, spot on, with inspired wisdom, dear Vis!

Love ~

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis, As soon as I get paid at end of this month I will be purchasing 'Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World: An Exploration Toward the Ineffable'.

I will definitely be reviewing your book on Amazon and your Blog, whichever one I happen to be at, the current one -when I'm done reading it, while still nice and fresh in the Upstairs Attic UA]. That looks like Unauthorized Absence, and it is -cause I am not really here, or so it seems.

Sorry, I can't reveal publicly- what drove me into this long lasting fit of severe depression.
I have Omitted here

And so my depression went into mania of the 'low elevator' type and I was contemplating 'suiciding' the Idiot that I am.
<----question 1 ---->
How is it that I can be so persuaded -like the wind blowing- any and every direction that it wants to- and that is true whether I am an idiot trying to 'put this ET fool in its place', or an idiot trying to believe in a myth that I came to accept previously as a Living, Walking, Breathing, Representative of my HOST body- wrapped up in Metaphors and Allegories -of my own human condition when I finally turned my 'inner man with inner sights' toward and finally IN Him -?
<----question 2 ---->
I mean, it IS the ONLY way I can perceive Him. Yet, my estranged wife- and all family consider me screwed to the pits of hell fire because I can only 'believe' in Him as Metaphor and Allegory, which doesn't make Him any less true -if I apply Him this way to my life/death here in/on the Planetary Body of the Gaia -or does it?

Does it make a difference Vis? I am only postponing my death/new life- until I receive your REPLY. I will wait til then, but I am of the mind to do it, and my heart is torn asunder -confused, hurting, ashamed, all that 'good stuff that make grown men weep as babies....I'm so sick of this Sickened 'world of shadows and make reals/ and make beliefs.

The perfect example of my insanity is this very post! Any fake or real boy/et [Pinocchio]-worth its grain of human tears can point out that there is no way I can give a review on a book that is never purchased -if I commit the unthinkable, and unpardonable sin.
I only put it that way -with the description of this 'sin/separation', because that is the way that is taught by Pesky Martian Priests, thieves, and automobiles...

Distortion is a way of life for me now.
I had it all [nothing but a esoteric way of looking within, and finding that pearl as if I was staring down on earth herself and seeing that it is me and all I love], and then -poof, it's hiding on me again. It is a Mad, Mad, mad, +2 World, yet it is not really even a world like we perceive it to be.

The world is the world of temporary illusions at best, but SHE is real, tangible, as ever my soul/spirit is. Same with my faith -it is a body that moves with me, around me, through me.

I know these things -without being told of any man/woman, and every time I hear you speak or read your words, it is always validating of itself. Coming through your glorious works, the Spirit of the Body of Truth -shaking hands with eachother -and it's like we known eachother for a long time!

So, here I am and I could delete all this text, like I have done too many times to count here and at your blogs, but every now and then I just keep it stupid, simple.
I swear Visible, if you were to call me Idiot, or hurt me -I would never be here to finish this post and to SEND it.
This post is my last message or it is not. But I write it like it is.
lie my last will and testament, because I really see nothing sane around me, therefore i must have infected my mind and heart as well. America -land of the fried.
Please forgive me reader.
it is healing me to write; saving me to send.
I love you too Vis.
I love you other ones in here I love your comments I love to hear sanity in this time of inanity.

Anonymous said...

My own 15 yr old daughter is borderline personality- in the making, thanks to her borderline daddy :(
My wife across he parking lot IS psychopathic and so is my son of 23.

The other 5 are perfected drones with college and they fit in well with this external outer layer of visible flesh and all that goes with it -all the opposite of the true natures, the real Love if a Father I never had growing up -and same with Mother [except she was alive and dead at same time, aka severe manic depression].

Those 5, and the other 2 -will not listen to Anything Esoteric knowledge has to reveal about them. Nothing to allow Wisdom to shroud them As LOVE Unconditional; to navigate this world of illusions.

Simply put -THEY DO NOT SEEK NOR HUNGER OF THE TRUTH THAT HAS ALREADY SET THEM FREE-even at this stage of such degradation of mankind.

It means I have served no purpose [yet I must have -just can't see it with my limited perspective and POV as a man]...and none here also that love me anymore, save a little black cat- 'Blacky' I took in to shelter from the cruel world last year, and a 'Babygirl', a Chinese cat that weighs over 20 pounds and loves to lay on my sunken in chest. Yes she hurts, but like the song goes-"she aint heavy, shes my cat yeah ya ya "
Thank you Vis, for being apart of this act- of my life and death here!

I wait for a reply, but more importantly I await the book if there will be time to purchase it, if there will be time to receive it. If there will be time to enjoy every word of it. If there will be time to- or even the Internet- to post my sincere, heart-felt comments back to you.
To the reader that happenstances upon this post and 'wonders' at it;

1: No I am not gay, just in love with a man after my own heart. You have to be 'there in that state' to know where I am.

2: Download this audio recording and listen.


4: At the top of that page you will notice the Headers that say 'Home About Books Music Contact Blogs'. May I humbly suggest that you click on Contact and tell him personally how the book has rewarded you? At the very LEAST, click on blogs and start reading like there is no tomorrow.

5: If for the time being, [weird phrase now that I think about it] all you can really do is click on links [like me!], AND you want to read something that might be also considered as rewarding to have done so -read The Kybalion by Three Initiates

It is free as well as all of Visible's blogs -each offering some rich experience into the unknown and unknowable -except to the known -which may or may not be you -but it may help you to get there -by sitting still and reading -and yes!, I attribute the way in which I now write to the many 'sitting stills and reads' that I have taken in by reading his works :)

The Idiom: "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", stands true in my book, and I do try to emulate a 'Les Visible style in writing because IT IS very effective in disturbing the normal and mundane from their nests- and shooing them off the edge of a window sill, or tree branch..Like Birds learning to fly..There is a seagull in each and every one of us.
I feel my post is done now.
Goodbye, and He will raise you up on eagle's wings,
Bear you on the breath of dawn

Sincerely your,
ps. I apologize for typos,
'I' ran outta time, ya nose?

and I know you are busy and going places so I also know that this probably came at worse time, so if you can't respond, then you needed post it..I wait til you get back..but I cant even wait sometimes for tomorrow..it is what it is..depression is a killer.:(


PSO said...

Dear Vis, I am the kind of person that didn't want to come back in here ATM because you are busy enough with the things that you do, but another commenter of one of your recent Smoking Mirrors created an 'awareness' from there that leads to here, and of the concern that I may be a 'disturbed' man with unanswered questions, I felt it might be more an obligation, even urgency -to snuff this abhorrent false notion - and put it to rest.

I cannot make sense, heads nor tails of what I wrote up there. It is what it is, namely garbage that needed to come out at the time I suppose.
Mania produces different things from different people, and all I can offer here , now -is that I am thanking God that mania in me produces writing -and nothing more -except that I cringe to have to come back and read it-because that is what I owe to your readers, to read it and take it all in, and I deserve that 'cringe', I worked hard for it. [grinning with a cringe].

I have made a mental note [ I heard that ;) ], that I will not post in a Visible blog unless it stays on topic, and I feel is worthy to be shared and of import to be passed on.
Sorry preacher, and sorry to you Lord Vis, because I should have come back here as well, to tie up all ends -and to give my thanks for your Blog that answered my questions. I KNOW without a doubt, that it helped more than me, and so -on behalf of all those silent types -whom it did help, THANK YOU!

I have been reading your 'works' now well over 5 years and I have an inner calculator that tells me I now have made 6 posts on your blogs, so I need to set back a while so I don't lose my one post per year 'roll' I am on. :)

I look forward to your last current book [the new one as well :)] which should be in my paws within 2 weeks.

Your latest radio show mentioned "We shall not all die, but shall be changed ---", I left the remainder for the reader to 'look up'- on their own.

Man, so much can happen in a twinkling of an eye. SO MUCH.

PaddyBear from western Ky, usa.
(not happy to be here, but not here to be happy)