20 July 2012

(right click / ctrl-click the "Listen" link for download options)


Cap'n Spadgett said...

If you click on the ftf link above there is no paypal button. If you go here http://innersites.com/feet2fire/index.html there is.

It's really easy and James is a worthy man for a donation. How many times have all of us clicked on the "download button", year after year, for nothin?

Be generous my friends.

Your a good man Visible I can here the sincerity in your voice that tells me so.

James, I don't know if you will be reading this, but thanks man for all the radio shows over the years. May you find the love your looking for and realise that you had it there with you all along. you probably already know this so I will just shut up now.

But sincerely, may you find the Love.


Cap'n Spadgett said...

W.V. 46 lovequ

Ha, ha it says it all

dave1010 said...

Thanks Visible
Always enjoyed your spoken words.
Kind of a sad day.
Pass thru the fire or burn.
Turn turn turn.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Les Visible Prabhu your humor is very much appreciated.

As is your gratitude for the Lord's touch.

I wonder do you know how graceful you truly are?

Best of health and all success to you!

Anonymous said...

"404 error not found"

link is broken.

Sim said...

Anon @ 7:24pm - thanks for pointing this out...

Unless I'm mistaken, this problem is affecting not just the most recent radio show - but all of them, going back to 2008.

The site which hosts the MP3 files (innersites.com/visible) appears to have gone down completely. I'll mail James at innersites.com and see if there is a fix for this.

Thanks again and hang in there.

Sim said...

OK, I've managed, with James' help, to salvage the radio show dated 20 July 2012 - hope you will now enjoy it!

The archived shows will take a little longer...

ravenise said...

ive got a copy of all of them if you need. ravenise at shaw dot ca.

Sim said...

Hi Ravenise.

Thanks for the offer...

James is advising me that innersites.com should be back online early next week.

Should this not happen for any reason, expect to hear from me! Thanks again.

Clarity said...

Visible... I enjoyed, I laughed, I listened, I took it to heart. Your wisdom and your delivery are unique and priceless. Thank you...

Thanks to Sim for getting the link up (and for your other behind-the-scenes work), and ravenise for your offer, if needed. Cap'n Spadgett, I appreciate your putting up the url to make a donation. I'll keep checking back to see when it's working again.


est said...

i sat in a room for
a thousand days
looked at this screen
clicked thru this maze

looked out this window
the sky and the trees
thinking of mountains
deserts and seas

i hear a voice
calling my name
saying it's alright
i'm here again

then i walk out
in-to the night
alone and silent
the way i like

ravenise said...

I'm getting throttled from even downloading the radio show. It will start off speedy, then it crawls down to nothing. I'm not sure if this is on my side or on the server. I've almost managed to download it after hours of waiting. It was sitting at 99% for ages. Visible and James should be proud :)

Cap'n Spadgett said...


Paypal receipt says this is his payment address. I'm not well versed in this, but I'm pretty sure you can just go to pp and use this


Peaches said...

No more radio show!?. Are you kidding me. omg not again. It is our times that everything good goes away. At least this has been my experience. Kali Yuga indeed.


Thank you Visible and James. Vis it was a great broadcast.

Love, Peaches

Stella Blue said...
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Clarity said...

Awesome, Cap'n Spadgett! Thank you so much - it worked perfectly. Great idea.

ravenise, I just downloaded it now. It went quickly and opened right up in iTunes. Maybe it was just a slow time then? Good luck.


Clarity said...

Sorry - forget to include...

Enjoying your poems, est.


vw - Juwash 10 ????