29 June 2012

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Erica said...

Thanks Vis-wow!-I needed that!
Spent a productive weekend with the Divine-then back to the mundane routine of everyday 'life'.
Discovered on Thursday that I've been affected by the latest bank glitch-no money had gone into my account.Will check out the situation again on Monday-life will become interesting if it isn't resolved quite swiftly!
You are right,there comes a time when your own inner dialogue is the only information that should be relied upon-anything else is just a distraction.I'm way further back on the road than you-but that voice is becoming clearer-just need to pay it more attention.

neal said...

OK. Brooding over the faces in the waters. And Ganesh? I do not know proper names, but that which animates is understood. So, if Ganesh invites starship captains into the deep blue, why is it it hard for those who were invited to witness? I do not know, drowning in a sea of real love should not be fear of the truth. It was broadcast, maybe just the way the light plays on this kind of stuff, but I saw it, and it is still a drag for some outermost parts.

I do not know about words that go with these pictures, on purpose, so maybe keep what hides in the margins.

They tell me this is just layers of the logic of their dreams. I did not know crowns of glory could be just the stuff of dreams, like the horns that jump chakras, to give the voices some kind of hidden judgement. And to be clear, that does not work in this place, and do with this what you will. Kind hearts will drown for this kind of thing, and be carried.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Your show is Always worth its fond farewell alone!

It's a generous spirit which propels a personality such as you, Les visible prabhu..

Peaches said...

Caught how Vis happened to mention "cosmic jello"....profound - laughing my ass off.

where do you come up with this stuff Visible.....wait never mind :)


Anonymous said...
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