22 June 2012

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Erica said...

Thank you Vis-you are very focused again-and I actually managed to take all of that broadcast onboard-I understand.
My son is with his dad this weekend-so have no distractions from communion with the Divine- intend to spend as much time-or should that be consciousness?-as I can in that pursuit.

Anonymous said...

istsgh 16No man can rise higher than the object of his worship

pout cman

neal said...

I cannot quote others, but I have been known to write stuff on blackboards, broadcast numbers and equations are in some kind of public domain.

I do not know where or why, but when seems to be a cyclic calling.

Time, times, maybe sort of half, seems like most, but there is the other that sorts it out.

Got it, but if the rest only perceive a flying, or falling away, does not the One turn certain ones to turn back, even if Some have to stay here, and wait?

I would rather hang out, and not be any place that is less than the sum of it's parts, but love and compassion and certain muses know what buttons to kiss.

If I saw you, I would add to the hands reaching in to this place, all the older pictures were rubbed out. Now, they are finding the hiding crosses, not knowing which palms carry the cross, on the strip.

I do not have the power to explain, that gets shut down, only the fool dances like that. If I do not stay, and get serious, things will try to get out of hand before the timing is really perfect.

Orbits are like that, they know that stars emit water, they just have not skipped around enough to remember, yet.

Vayo Con Dios. I might drop by some time, that would be funny.

Stella Blue said...
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Thomas said...

I liked that... Serious resonance here, like you were explaining my week (twisted and beautiful, if melancholy, story ended). I just had a hard and dissappointing lesson in "all life is pain caused by ignorant desire". I hope I´ll get it integrated quite soon, or I´ll waste some precious time. This is no time to be training magic (even if it´s with the best of intentions (or is it? - I wonder why it´s so easy to fool myself... :P)), or looking for Love outside. Devotion and gratitude is really, truly what is the way now, I believe you. Well, it means I´ll train my eyes the more on the Divine.

thank you thank you thank you, for keeping the spirit alive, mad and blessed poet. What you do is beautiful.

ElvisSweet said...

Re: Monkey on a Stick and all organised religious institutions. They all fall down for all the known and trusted reasons. The dynamic founder attracts followers who want to be the leaders, pursuing power, dominion and control. It’s been this way forever. Road closed danger ahead! This collective mind is very good at organising a structure for the benefit of the few while exploiting and cheating the many. Behold society. It’s not complicated to understand it is transparent, crystal clear, the collective hive the many drones. Those who are round pegs will never fit the square holes, even if they are hammered in! These outsiders, you know who you are, these strangers and pilgrims in a strange and baron land! They never could make any sense of it, always on the periphery with their strange thoughts and nutty ideas. I was sectioned under the Mental Health Act for speaking my truth to the wrong audience, big mistake! Yet it was revelation, there were others just like me, I had some fascinating conversations, quite an eye opener. People who think like this are a threat to collective normality. All eccentricity, nutty behaviour and disassociated ideas should be celebrated, yet never will when the true insanity is collective normality, we all know what that is capable of? If you agree, welcome nutty friend we have so much in common! Who really is sane anyway? We are all quite mad one way or another but this begs the question what is sanity? When we talk to God we're said to be praying, but when God talks to us we're schizophrenic! Herein lays the answer and the Holy Man/Woman!

PSO said...

This is without a doubt the best 'les-ture' or lecture depending on your point of Orion- or Origin also depending upon your point of view or perspective.

See, I am emulating you?!
I can't stop talking to people as if you were speaking for me..
Weird man, just plain weird, but I like it!

Keep on Keeping On until whew! finally don't gotta keep on keeping on, brah!
a Bear from west Kentucky, USA