15 June 2012

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Anonymous said...


Visible said...

Wow! Really? Thanks. Maybe that's the problem then ah... do you usually have your caps lock on full lock and load?

Stella Blue said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes Les Visible prabhu, it's quite a conundrum, eh?

Then again, it really isn't a conundrum at all.

Is it?

Clarity said...

You are one of a kind...


*Yes, in a good way.

neil said...

Nice poem song lord visible,.....respects

Erica said...

Yes Vis,you are a talented wordsmith - but material and spiritual success appear to be mutually exclusive.Just take comfort from the fact that you are fulfilling your dharma - haven't even found mine!
Disappointment has been my constant companion-financial,work-wise,
relationship-wise.I embrace each fleeting moment of joy.
Having said all that,I hope your latest offer proves to be fruitful-enjoy!

ElvisSweet said...

Often circumstance seem to conspire against a positive outcome. Duality in its equal and opposites require a balance point, not too much good, not too much bad, the meaning a mystery? Perhaps there is a Divine wisdom in all actions and reactions and nothing is by chance, something quite challenging to get the logical mind around, yet intuitively it feels possible? Inspiration may actually appear to be a failure logically, yet in the fullness of time a Divine wisdom.
I applaud you Mr Visible your output amazes me, if I could have a tenth of your creativity I would consider myself most fortunate indeed. You are very much appreciated and your work an inspiration.

Visible said...

well thank god someone liked the song. That one is absolutely for God. I've recorded it but it needs the right people with the right chops. It feels really strange to me not have gotten some of these songs to Willie Nelson. He could really do a number on some of them.

I feel bad about making the broadcast about my personal issues but they do effect my ability to say the things I came here to say and do.

I try to keep the personal aspect out of it. I know that I am nothing but a tool. If I have any real abilities they were given to me. Only the vain and self important assume that they made it happen. Inspiration is inspiration... it is IN spired.

It just hurts knowing all these good feelings given unto the glory of god have been cockblocked in this kali yuga dimension. I know God heard them cause that is who I wrote them for and that is the most important audience to me.

I used to take acid and walk through the woods, singing up through the trees, into the water of the sparkling streams and brooks and the birds and other wild life would chime in. Those were some of the greatest moments of my life, just running through the wonderland of Lady Nature and singing through the ever leaves.

I don't count my time wasted in that sense. The times I fucked up was trying to come to terms with mortal ladies and material nature, I just can't compromise. I only have one lover and that will stand to the end of time and beyond.

neal said...

You know, back in the day, when Mit and Harvard and Naval Intelligence, wanted to show the world, what an eight year old idiot savant could really do, I did one of those flip the pages Animation cheats in the margins of a book.

Probably ERB Pellucidar. Just a stick figure, pushed off a cliff, or a plank, and swan diving into the unknown, and leaving a perfect drop, for the course.

I did not know at the time, mabye, that the scribbles in the margins held some major choice, for all involved.

I spent more time getting the resulting ripples just right, than anything else. Now, when sales comes knocking, I give away, and Both go away pissed, and the frustration is just the expected meeting the secretly desired.

Mom says I was two when this happened, I even wrote sigils on her typewriter. She says there is the evidence, even pictures, but there was a bomb, just blowback from Thoth, My dad was there, and flipped over a Sherman Tank just from jumping, She gave me that one.

They all called me willy-nilly, I did not mean to scare them.

Whispers, coded things, even passengers, this stuff can be old school,